You Can Now Customise Your Very Own Longchamp Pliage® Bag for Free

You are probably familiar with Longchamp’s signature Pliage® Bag, and chances are you know someone that owns at least one of these now-ubiquitous bags. From now till end September however, Longchamp has launched a personalised customisation station at their ION Orchard boutique, for customers to craft their dream designs on a variety of the luxury label’s Fall-Winter 2020 styles.

And the best part? There’s no additional charge for this exclusive service as well! So if you’ve been considering getting on the bandwagon and snagging a Pliage® bag for yourself, then there’s no better time than now to do so.

Do note that your creation will take up to 8 weeks from order confirmation to be delivered to you, which, in our opinion, makes it perfect for holiday gifting or a perfectly-timed treat for yourself.

Read on to find out more details on the Longchamp Pliage® bag styles available for customisation.

My Pliage® Signature

For FW2020, Longchamp’s iconic My Pliage® Signature bag comes available in three sizes and twenty body colours for customisation. This latest rendition of the Le Pliage® comes with a body that’s made in 100% recycled polyester, highlighting the label’s efforts toward sustainability.

Above: Longchamp My Pliage® Signature (From $420 to $495).

When it comes to customisation, customers can select from five seasonal colours for the leather trims of the bag’s double-handles and top flap. The press stud button on the top flap is similarly customisable with fifteen colours to choose from.

Take things a step further by finishing off your creation with printed capital letter initials on the bag’s main body (up to three initials are able to fit the bag’s body) to make it extra personal, done via an eco-friendly water-free transfer printing technique.

My Pilage® Cuir

The My Pilage® Cuir is made entirely in soft supple metis leather and comes available in 12 body colours, eight inner lining colours, and five sizes for FW2020. Customers can customise the bag by opting for a hot-stamped design of fun motifs (e.g. a planet, a palm tree, etc.) or a perforation of sweet symbols like a heart or star on the bag’s body.


Similar to the My Pliage® Signature, this bag’s top flap stud button can be personalised with thirteen different finishes to choose from. The top flap can also be hot-stamped with a name (up to nine characters) by choosing from two different fonts.

My Pliage® Club

Longchamp’s mainstay Le Pliage® launched back in FW2018 comes in 10 vibrant colours, 12 leather trims, and 13 edge finishes colours for this latest season. The press stud button for this bag comes customisable with 12 colours to choose from.

Above: Longchamp My Pliage® Club (From $255 to $310).

Not to be missed for this design, is a special embroidery personalisation service where customers can select Longchamp’s signature horse motif or the Eiffel Tower to be added to the body of the bag. Hot-stamping is likewise available for the bag’s top flap for an added touch to make the bag a true personalised treasure to gift, keep, or simply be adored.




The Longchamp MY PLIAGE®️ CUSTOMISABLE COLLECTION is available from now till end September exclusively at Longchamp ION Orchard.