BHG Singapore Launches 3 In-House, Locally-Designed Fashion Labels

For some, BHG Singapore may not be a household name, but there’s no doubt you’ll recognise their distinct red logo when shopping at any of their department stores. With the goal of providing more support for local talent, the chain has developed 3 in-house brands, all designed by Esther Choy, their first in-house fashion designer.

The introduction of Societe, Otona Mode and SBT marks the first time the chain has offered original creations designed for young Singaporeans, by a young Singaporean.


Made with the modern-day working woman in mind, Societe draws inspiration from clean, minimalistic lines to create functional and stylish outfits that can easily be worn from day to night. Expect comfortable, breathable fabrics such as Tencel and cotton, across elegant silhouettes that can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.

With prices ranging from $39.90 for tops to $129.90 for dresses, Societe is a great starting point for those who may be starting their endeavours into office life.

Otona Mode

On the other hand, Otona Mode presents a more versatile selection, featuring natural fabrics and a neutral colour palette inspired by Japanese paddy fields. Otona, which translates to “grown-up” in Japanese, may be the stepping stone to add a few more mature pieces to your collection. With clean and simple designs, these everyday pieces are sure to bring you comfort, whether you’re out and about or at a weekend brunch with friends.

At an affordable price point, from $39.90 for tops to $79.90 for dresses, there’s no reason not to add a piece from Otona Mode to your wardrobe.


If you’re into brighter pops of colour and more playful designs, SBT should be your go-to. Inspired by nautical themes, each casual piece was created to bring some vibrance to your wardrobe. While maintaining the utmost quality, each piece in the collection has been made from deadstock fabric, an eco-conscious effort to reduce minimise fabric wastage. Each piece has also been designed to match each other, which means mixing and matching will be no challenge.

From $29.90 for tops to $69.90 for dresses, SBT will help to incorporate more fun into your wardrobe without blowing your budget.


Collections from Societe, Otona Mode and SBT are available at BHG Bugis, Bishan, and Jurong stores, and on