FOREO Has A New Smart Facial Cleansing Device Called The LUNA™ fofo

We’ve been talking about FOREO‘s LUNA™ devices for a long time now, and can certainly vouch for the facial cleansing devices and how effective they are in our skincare regimens — these give our skin a good cleanse, while still being gentle on our skin. Still, the Swedish beauty-tech brand is about to introduce a new device to their line-up, and this time, a smart one that incorporates AI and machine-learning to develop customised routines, according to your skin condition. You’re looking at the latest FOREO LUNA™ fofo, launching in October.

With fun millennial / Gen Z packaging and a rounded shape similar to the LUNA™ mini series, it might seem like there’s nothing that innovative here, save for the eye-catching promotional materials. That’s where we might be wrong. The LUNA™ fofo is a hygienic facial cleansing brush that’s also fitted with smart skin sensors. These are able to analyse our skin’s condition — moisture levels, for instance, in a particular zone — before preparing a personalised cleansing routine that is suitable for our unique skin condition.

The major draw here, from what we know,  is convenience. You’re promised an instant skincare consultation, which costs less than one at a professional’s office, all available to you at the touch of a button, and in the comfort of your own home. Since our skin condition often changes due to climate, pollution, hydration levels, stress, and more, this insight would also be useful — the device is also able to adapt accordingly instead of us having to rack our brains over the changes.

As for how we can assess all these smart functions, they’re available to us when you pair your device to the FOREO For You app.

A brief rundown of how it works: the LUNA™ fofo and its advanced dual skin sensors are capable of reading hydration levels across 1,000 units per second. Connecting it to the custom-built app, via Bluetooth, will input the real-time data, which is then used to analyse the skin’s true age, moisture levels, and overall complexion. After that, an algorithm creates a customised routine for you, one that’s able to customise the frequency, power and duration of the T-Sonic™ pulsations on the skin. Artificial intelligence and machine learning is key here, as these are involved in analysing data and creating those personalised routines we talked about.

If you’re wondering about the data that went into machine learning, that’s thanks to a beta launch scheme FOREO had undergone in July 2018. 900,000 LUNA™ fofos were shipped to US beauty fans, which means that the device already has that amount of skincare consultations, and those vital information, within its programme — FOREO says that this is the same as a beautician or cosmetologist with 700 years of experience!

Apart from its smart features, the LUNA™ fofo also boasts the same signature features of the other FOREO cleansing brushes, namely, the T-Sonic™ technology for more thorough cleansing, a lightweight design, ultra-soft and hygienic silicone, as well as a respectable battery life that’s, here, good for up to 400 uses each time.


What we did find interesting, was also FOREO Founder and CEO Filip Sedic’s thoughts on the device. “This FOREO device is capable of self-learning and is differentiated from other skincare products by its ability to advance day after day,” he says, while also elaborating on how this is just the beginning of what they have planned. Further plans include being able to detect air quality in real time, or analysing the statistics of previous treatments while monitoring ongoing ones, to predict and plan for days and weeks ahead.

We’re not sure about you — but we’re very excited to test out the LUNA™ fofo and its smart features. Full review promised, as soon as we get hold of ours.


FOREO LUNA™ fofo, $130 each.


The FOREO LUNA™ fofo, $130.

Available from 1 October at Sephora stores, and online at, in four colours: Fuchsia, Pearl Pink, Mint and Purple. From 7 October, it will also be available in-store at TANGS at Tang Plaza, Takashimaya, and online at FOREO’s Official Store on Lazada and Shopee from 1st November 2020.