Going Hairless For A Month After Strip’s Latest AFT Hair Removal Treatment

Shaving your body has, for some, caused such upheaval, with concerns about ingrown bumps, shaving nicks and cuts, and more. We’ve tried countless of different hair removal methods to remove stubborn hair in areas such as our pubic, legs, and armpits, whether it’s by shaving, hair removal creams, waxing, and even IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal, with varying results, and we’re pretty sure you have too.

Paving its way into the scene, however, is STRIP’s latest Semi-Permanent Hair Removal treatment — the Advanced Fluorescence Technology ™ (AFT) Hair Removal treatment. It’s touted as the next generation of IPL technology that’s comfortable and painless, though with more precise hair removal that’s able to cover a larger surface area.

The treatment also uses state-of-the-art machinery, also known as STRIP’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology ™ (AFT) Total Comfort 3.0, a custom-manufactured machine that’s exclusive to STRIP Singapore. Jointly developed with Alma Laser, one of the top five global leaders of energy-based medical and aesthetic solutions, the exclusive collaboration introduces a revolutionary hair removal treatment that provides effective results — we’re talking about eliminating up to 80% of your hair — while still being safe and comfortable.

As with all things, the proof’s in the pudding, so here, we’re giving you a full account of our experience with STRIP’s AFT Hair Removal treatment.

What is Advanced Fluorescence Technology ™ (AFT) Hair Removal treatment?

Before diving into my experience, here’s a lowdown of the benefits the treatment has to offer:

🪒  Instead of using broad wavelengths dispersing spikes of energy like the ones in IPL treatments, the AFT, on the other hand, uses narrower wavelengths to deliver more targeted and precise treatment.

🪒  With its unique built-in cooling system, accompanied with STRIP’s ‘in-motion’ technique, the AFT treatment delivers a painless experience so you won’t have to worry about any stinging pain or any downtime after the treatment.

🪒  Using custom-made 5cm crystal applicators, instead of the 3cm ones used during IPL treatments, the AFT Total Comfort 3.0 machine improves the effectiveness of hair removal over a wider surface, especially for the Brazilian area.

The Procedure

(Photo Courtesy: Strip)

For someone who’s fond of trying all sorts of hair removal treatments — plucking, waxing, IPL, you name it — the AFT Hair Removal treatment seemed like a treatment that was right up my alley. This time, I tried it on my underarm area. At the start of my AFT treatment, the therapist will shave off any remaining hair on your underarm area before slathering on a generous amount of cooling gel before she worked through it with the machine’s applicator.

It was painless, and it didn’t sting one bit, which is a definite plus if you’re comparing it to other hair removal methods like IPL. Though it felt a little warm, I was really comfortable throughout the whole process. Then, my therapist followed up by applying the Two Lips Ice Calming Rescue Cream on my underarm area to soothe the skin. And believe it or not, the whole treatment took no longer than 10 minutes!

Overall Verdict

I would say that the entire AFT Hair Removal session was completely bearable and painless. I didn’t feel uncomfortable, neither did I experience any sort of pain during the process which, of course, was a plus.

After a month from the treatment, I also noticed that the rate of hair regrowth in the area was much lesser. In fact, most of the hair had either fallen off on their own, or stopped growing. Even so, you might end up with a few strands that grow long and fine, but these are barely noticeable.


THE STRip Advanced Fluorescence Technology ™ (AFT) Hair Removal treatment is now available at all Strip outlets. Prices range from $550 to $4,650 for 6 sessions.
For more info, visit STRIP.COM.SG.