Hello Kitty Donut Tower Chiffon That Cracks Open Like A Pinata To Reveal Even More Sweet Things

Susanne Deco Chiffon is back with her third Sanrio baking tutorial, and it just keeps getting cuter and cuter. Also… harder and hard to make. She started with a “My Melody Sweet Chiffon Cake”, moved on to “Hello Kitty Popsicles” to celebrate Singapore’s National Day, and just recently, introduced “Little Twin Stars Little Rainbow Chiffon”. Here are what they looked like (screengrabs taken from Susanne’s Instagram):

Today, she launches a new design: a 2-tier lemon chiffon cake that’s also a piñata! This donut tower is filled with sweets (or fruits if you prefer to be healthier), and is topped by Hello Kitty herself, who looks way too cute to eat.

Susanne offers a downloadable recipe and online class that you can stream at your leisure, so you can follow her every step of the way. She also sells a baking kit that includes all the ingredients (pre-weighed) and moulds you’ll need to create this cake. The sign up link is opening at noon today (24 Sep 2020) on her website. The kits are limited, so if you want one, be quick.


Sign up and buy the kit on Susanne’s website here: SUSLOVINGCREATIONS.WIXSITE.COM/DECO. Good luck in making it.