I Finally Tried The Lobster Roll from Burger & Lobster

I’ve been looking out for a decent lobster roll in Singapore ever since I had my first “real” one in New York; the lobster meat was chunky and flavourful, and the bread was very pang all on its own. Then mid last year, there was some buzz about Burger & Lobster finally opening in Singapore and that there were bound to be long queues — especially since it was located in Jewel, the hub of many other long food queues. And since I’m not a fan of queues, I waited. I waited and waited until they opened a second branch at Raffles Hotel, and planned to eat there for my birthday with my friends earlier this year in January. I ended up missing my own birthday dinner because I fell ill, and never got a taste of Burger & Lobster.

Now the thing is… all this time that I’ve waited, many friends have tried Burger & Lobster; and I’ve been told by every one of these friends, that it’s not great. In particular, that the lobster roll is disappointing, and it’s overpriced. The overpriced part I can understand — it is after all, a $40 sandwich.

Then just recently, I noticed Burger & Lobster was available for delivery on Grab Food! With islandwide delivery! And it was $28, instead of the original $40 from its menu.


Perhaps it’s on offer, or business isn’t doing great because of the pandemic (it’s probably that), but I’m not one to complain about lower prices so I made my order and kept my expectations low.

Above: Grab Food arrived 40 minutes later. delivery fee depends on the time the order is placed. at 3.45pm when i made this order, it was an off-peak time, and delivery cost me $9.80. When I checked the next day closer to lunch time, delivery was $14.20.

Above: I ordered the burger ala carte, without any fries or salad.

Above: Close-up of the lobster roll.

Above: An even Closer look at the lobster roll.

Verdict: So did I like it? Was it a good lobster roll? Actually… yes. I did enjoy it. It was certainly not the best lobster roll I’ve ever eaten (that’s still the one in New York), but it’s decent enough that I finished it quickly and would order it again if I was craving a lobster roll. But also know that I did start out with unusually low expectations of it, and was prepared to eat a cold sandwich (I prefer my rolls warm).

Unfortunately for Burger & Lobster, Luke’s Lobster is set to open this month on the 23rd of September, and the stock image of their lobster roll looks mouth-watering. I’ll review that soon enough when it becomes available on Grab — because I don’t like to queue.

Above: the famous lobster roll from Burger & Lobster.


BURGER & LOBSTER is located at Jewel Changi Airport #05-203 and Raffles Hotel level 1.
Order online from GRAB FOOD.