IKEA Is Collaborating With LEGO For A Playful BYGGLEK Collection

Growing up, I always looked forward to trips to IKEA, and that joy has followed me throughout my adulthood so far. With the maze-like layout of each building, homey furniture displays, and even $1 hotdogs, what’s not to love? The Swedish furniture brand isn’t shy about their child-friendly stance, with a large part of their catalogue focusing on children’s furniture and toys, and even a Småland play area in every store around the world.

To encourage creative expression, it’s only fitting then that IKEA has collaborated with the LEGO Group to bring us a one-of-a kind BYGGLEK collection.

Spot the adorable hotdog piece in the BYGGLEK LEGO brick set

The upcoming range includes both fun, colourful LEGO bricks, along with a compact storage solution that can also double up as a display for your child’s (or your own) unique creations.

Developed by in-house IKEA designer Andreas Fredriksson and LEGO Group Design Manager Rasmus Buch Løgstrup, the collection features a series of boxes fitted with stud-moulded lids, made with the same high-quality ABS plastic used in most LEGO pieces.

The clean, white boxes have been designed to act as a blank canvas, providing the opportunity for people to build their creations both inside and outside the box — each box also features a square indentation on each side, all of which have the same stud moulding on the bottom edge for even more imaginative play.

While a 201-piece LEGO brick set has been designed exclusively for the BYGGLEK collection, the boxes all fit within the LEGO system, which means you can mix and match your favourite LEGO sets and build whatever your heart desires. The fun also doesn’t have to stop when the boxes are put away — the boxes themselves can be stacked to create larger-scale models, such as the adorable dragon seen in the innovative campaign.

For those of you who may detest the challenge that can come with building IKEA furniture, here’s an extra piece of good news: the two biggest BYGGLEK sets have been designed in a way that the pieces all easily click together, specifically so that even a five-year-old would be able to put the box together on their own.

Of course, some may be curious about how kids may feel about this new collaboration, and there’s no better way than to hear it from the play experts themselves! This adorable video features 7 children and their candid impressions of the BYGGLEK collection, and even a little demonstration on how the boxes can be stacked and played around with.

Fun fact: the 3rd child that appears in the video is young Singaporean Chloe Oh!

Check out the BYGGLEK collection below.

1. BYGGLEK box with lid, available in 2 sizes (LxWxH): 26x18x12CM ($19.90), 35x26x12CM ($24.90)
2. BYGGLEK box with lid, set of 3 ($19.90), comprises (WxDxH): 1 box (175x127x59MM) and 2 boxes (127x88x59MM)
3. BYGGLEK 201-piece LEGO brick set ($24.90)


The IKEA x LEGO BYGGLEK collection, from $19.90 to $24.90,  available exclusively at IKEA stores. It will be launching in the US this October, and in IKEA Singapore stores early 2021.