Laura Mercier’s Translucent Honey Loose Setting Powder — A New Beautiful Shade and How To Apply It

Whether you’re a long-time makeup enthusiast or you’re just starting to build your beauty regimen, we can all agree that we dread the shine that comes after a long day of wearing makeup — especially with the humid weather we have in Singapore. One simple fix is using a good setting powder — but finding the perfect one? That’s easier than you might think. Possibly the most famous and iconic loose setting powder is the one from Laura Mercier; it has built up an immense cult following since its launch in 1996, and this year, a new shade is born: Translucent Honey.

Above: Laura Mercier’s Translucent Honey Loose Setting Powder is perfect for medium-tone skin.

Why Loose Setting Powder?

All makeup artists will tell you that powder is an essential part of any good routine, and if your goal is to keep your makeup in place, prevent excess shine or just to even out your complexion a little more, Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder is the way to go. It can be applied in typically high-shine areas, such as the t-zone, inner cheeks, on the chin, around the nose, and pretty much all over the face if you’d like.

Above: Swatch of the new Translucent Honey shade.

Why Laura Mercier?

What’s particularly great about Laura Mercier’s powder is that it is super fine and smooth, and does not cake on the face at all. In fact, it can be applied over and over again building up to the necessary coverage that you’d like. It also does not cause breakouts, and has no photo flashback (that unflattering shine on the face in flash photography).

Above: the iconic tub packaging for Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder.

What’s New About Translucent Honey?

The new Translucent Honey shade is great for those with a tan complexion, and the perfect in-between hue that has been added on to the current shades of Translucent and Medium Deep. Laura Mercier herself says that she was inspired by “banana powder” — a product originally developed by makeup artists as a universally flattering shade meant to be used on all skin types — and as the “Translucent Honey” name implies, this new powder is a warm, honey tone that isn’t too yellow or too orange.

Above: the new Translucent Honey loose setting powder in the pot.

The brand’s Global Beauty Director, Jason Hoffman prefers to use the Velour Puff — a fluffy, specially designed puff that has been textured in a way for perfect powder application. He says that while using a fluffy brush tends to provide a more matte look, setting your makeup using the puff is ideal for those with oily complexions; the pressing motion of the puff ensures that the powder saturates the skin. If you haven’t tried this application technique before, this will be a game changer for you.

The Right Way To Apply The Powder With A Puff

According to Jason, here are the correct steps to apply the Translucent Setting Powder with the Laura Mercier puff.

Step 1: Use the puff to pick up as much powder as you like.

The perfect amount usually depends on personal preference, but the product is buildable so you don’t need to worry about using too little at first. Any excess powder can also be brushed off with a big fluffy brush, so you also don’t have to worry about using too much! If you’re unsure, start with a smaller amount and add more as you go along.

Step 2: fold the puff in half with the powder on the inner side — like a pressed powder taco!
Step 3: Rub the sides of the folded puff together to “prepare” the powder.

This process lines the puff with the product and prevents excess fallout as you apply it on the skin.

Optional: Once you’re done rubbing the puff together, you can tap it on the back of your hand to see if there’s a little too much powder on it. This will get rid of any excess powder before you apply it to your face.

Above: FOlding the puff like a taco and rubbing it together with the powder on the inside.
Step 4: Press the puff onto your skin in a rolling motion, similar to how you might apply product from a cushion compact.

Once you’re happy with your application, use your fingers to feel the finish on your skin to see if it’s too little or too much. If you feel like you haven’t used enough, repeat the process until you’ve gotten your ideal amount of powder, and brush off any excess with a big fluffy brush.

Translucent Honey Matches The Skin Without Colouring It

I have a rather fair complexion, and I have to say that I was a little worried when I first saw the Translucent Honey shade in the pan, and compared it to the original Translucent one that I normally use. However, it ended up blending seamlessly into my skin! The shade does have a peachy undertone, which provides a nice, healthy look — the key is to adjust the amount of powder to use so it matches your skin tone perfectly.

Above: (Left) the Translucent Honey powder on the back of my hand. (Right) Blended in.

For those with an even lighter complexion, the powder can add a tan illusion to the skin, so use it sparingly and play around with the amount to find the right look to balance out your skin tone. For those with darker skin tones, Translucent Honey provides a radiant glow without being overly light — you can also use it to brighten up certain parts of the face, especially the under-eyes.

Achieving a Flawless Complexion

Laura Mercier’s flawless face technique has developed over the years; Laura suggests going more natural by decreasing the amount of foundation and powder used, to give the face a little more personality and sensuality.  She says the goal is to beautify the harmony of your face, and to emphasise the parts you like — to be beautiful doesn’t necessarily mean perfection, but to be flawless in your own way.


Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder in Translucent Honey, $70, exclusively available at Sephora, in-store and online.