Review of Pince and Pints Classic Lobster Roll on Grab Food Delivery

Earlier today I was on a phone call with the good people at Belkin, and one of them mentioned to me that she read my review on the lobster roll from Burger & Lobster, and that her experience at the Raffles Hotel branch wasn’t great. She suggested that I try the one from Pince and Pints — and because I can’t refuse a lobster roll, and I’m on a roll (I know, lame), I looked it up online.

I’ve heard the stories of people queuing for hours at this restaurant, so it must be good, right? No, not necessarily. In Singapore, we love hype and we love to queue; so finally today, I ordered this to decide for myself whether it’s nice. And just like when I tried the one from Burger & Lobster, I’m managing my expectations — I’m not expecting this to be the best lobster roll in the world; I’m just hoping it’s… nice.


I found this at two places online: the Pince and Pints website on Oddle, and Grab Food.

Ordering directly from the Pince and Pints restaurant, there’s a minimum order of $80, followed by a $12 delivery fee. On Grab Food, there is no minimum order, but the service fees (delivery + platform fees) were $14.70 for me. At this point, I was in favour of Grab.


And then I discovered… the menu on Grab appeared more expensive, with the lobster roll priced at $58 on the website, and $62.06 on Grab Food. BUT, on closer inspection of the pricing, the website added in GST while checking out, which made the lobster rolls exactly the same price at $62.06 each on both platforms.


The restaurant charges GST on the delivery fee too, which is an extra $0.84. As for Grab Food, I had a stroke of luck and saw that there was a promo code for free delivery (capped at $10), and I obviously applied that to my order.

All in all, the final cost on Grab Food came out to be lower than the Pince and Pints website by a good $8.13, so no prizes for guessing where I ordered from.

Above: My order total for 2 lobster rolls on the Pince and Pints website (left) and Grab Food (right).



Above: the packaging it comes in. There’s a side of thick cut fries and salad (not shown).

The bun arrived a little warm (score!) and was tasty on its own, albeit a bit sweet and oily (it’s buttered). The lobster pieces were in generous chunks and I could tell were fairly fresh and juicy, with no fishy business going on. And that’s all I ask for — my food to be fresh.

Above: Top view of the packaging.

Above: the lobster roll plated.

Above: getting closer.

Above: closer…

Above: closer.

This was a good lobster roll that would be even better if I ate it fresh and hot in the restaurant; it’s also clearly a superior roll to the one from Burger & Lobster, being meatier, juicier, fresher and just overall tastier — but since B&L dropped their price to $28, this one, at $62, is almost two-and-a-half times the price. I enjoyed this lobster roll, but it’s not something I (or I assume anyone) would order often. The next time I eat this would probably be for someone’s birthday dinner.

Above: nice.

(I missed today’s media tasting at Luke’s Lobster — because, you know, kids… — but I’ll try it soon enough. Hint to Grab Food.)

PINCE AND PINTS IS LOCATED AT 32-33 Duxton Rd, tel 62257558. if you want to eat in-restaurant, you can make a reservation HERE