Review: Why BOY DE CHANEL’s Latest Male Beauty Collection is Worth Investing In

The desire for great beauty products for us to present our best face forward all-day any day is universally genderless — but it’s only in the recent decade that beauty products, both skincare and makeup, come marketed and offered exclusively for the metrosexual male. One of the most talked-about men’s beauty collections of late has got to be the BOY DE CHANEL line, which has recently expanded its existing range to include a concealer, eye pencil and more.

New for BOY DE CHANEL — a moisturiser, concealer, 3-in-1 eye pencil, and nail polish.

Expectedly, the collection comes rendered in the beauty line’s signature masculine midnight blue shade that’s finished with frosted packaging for a luxurious feel. Something we imagine the discerning gentlemen would appreciate too, is the no-nonsense simplicity of the products’ usability, and how the makeup line is created for a natural look that merely enhances one’s features.

Here’s our review of what you can expect from BOY DE CHANEL’s latest offerings:

Fortifying Gel Moisturizer


This Fortifying Gel Moisturizer comes formulated as a lightweight gel-cream that stars a tailor-made Green Coffee PFA extract, hyaluronic acid, and glycerin that in tandem, help to reinforce the skin’s self-defence capabilities while also providing continuous hydration from day-to-night. Apply this under foundation as a primer for the day, and as the last step in your nighttime skincare routine (serums notwithstanding) before heading for the covers.

Above: Two pumps of the Fortifying Gel Moisturizer is sufficient to cover the entire face.

Having used this for several days, this moisturiser definitely stands out to me as the star product of BOY DE CHANEL’s latest line-up. Personally, I particularly appreciate its feather-light formula that near-instantly melted into my skin, leaving behind a soft and smooth matte finish. As someone with oily skin, I am prone to waking up with an oil slick on my face in the morning (not a pretty sight to behold), however, with the application of this product, the sight of an oily morning face is now a problem  I can seal and leave in the past.


Above: The gel-cream comes in a rich texture that’s non-sticky or greasy, which instantly melts into the skin.

The non-sticky gel-cream also glides easily on the skin, with two pumps per use sufficient to cover the entire face. Do note that it does come lightly-scented, which helps to refresh and perk up the senses when applying it in the day. In my opinion, if there’s one thing you must add to your growing grooming station, this is the one you will want to have.

Le Correcteur Concealer


Crafted with a winning combination of carefully selected oils and concentrated coated pigments, this concealer provides ample coverage that blends into the skin, as opposed to caking the face despite its creamy formulation. Available in 8 shades, choose one that best matches your skin tone for ideal results.

Above: The Le Correteur Concealer in Medium Light.

Speaking from the perspective of a fairly vain young man that uses cosmetics on a near-daily basis to cover up the odd blemish or old scars, the Le Correcteur Concealer definitely delivered when it came to erasing the appearance of facial marks with ease. Packaged as a stick concealer, its one-step application simply meant dotting away the darker patches on the face.

I have used this concealer on blemishes on the cheek, which provided sufficient coverage with a single dot. Furthermore, there were no visible creases made by the concealer when I wore it throughout the day, though admittedly, this isn’t an area where creases are usually found.

Additionally, the concealer glided seamlessly when applied and could be easily blended to match natural skin. Impressive and wholly comfortable to be worn all day, its long-wearing matte finish is a lifesaver if you happen to chance upon a nasty surprise on a special day.

3-In-1 Eye Pencil


This multi-purpose eye pencil functions as an eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and eyeshadow with a notable 12-hour hold, depending on where and how you choose to apply it. Those who are trying out a refreshingly bolder masculine look can opt for the Black or Navy shades, while others who prefer a more natural look will be partial to its Brown option.

Above: The 3-In-1 Eye Pencil in Brown.

I imagine that most gents would probably use this eye pencil on the eyebrows, which I tried by drawing fine lines at the start of my eyebrow and then smudging it with a finger to its end to fill up all the gaps. The warmth of my finger helped the pencil’s pigments develop a melt-away texture that blended easily. You should know, that once you have applied the pencil around your eyes, it does set pretty strong so move fast when applying it. Brush your eyebrows gently after to separate the eyebrow follicles for an ultra-natural look.

Notably, this 3-In-1 Eye Pencil is presented with a very delicate tip that emphasises delicate handling when applying it. Go gentle when lining the eyes as a little goes a long way with its intensely concentrated pigments. I have to mention this because, in my momentary burst of glee, I had accidentally snapped off its tip when swatching the back of my palm with a slightly heavy hand, so do be careful when using it. That being said, don’t worry if you went a little overboard with its application, because it can easily be removed by using a makeup remover.

Le Vernis Nail Colour


Nail polish for men? Why not! Showcase your well-groomed hands with BOY DE CHANEL’s Le Vernis Nail Colour, in an elegant shade of sheer matte nude with Natural or an intense matte Black. Nail colours would likely need more convincing to get the boys on board, but isn’t everything about taking chances? Who knows, you might totally fall in love with the idea of nail colours if you actually tried it.

Above: The Le Vernis Nail Colour in Natural.

These also dry in barely a minute thanks to the incorporation of panthenol in its list of ingredients, so you wouldn’t have to sit around for too long drying out your hands. If you have never had the experience of painting nails, just like myself, your first go at application might be a challenge — its fast-drying feature meant that going slow resulted in an uneven finished texture. However, the Natural shade as seen above is also super sheer with a single coat, which is forgiving if you happen to mess up a little. Give the Le Vernis Nail Colour a go if you are feeling adventurous.