Saint Laurent’s Beach Essentials Include Havaianas, Heart-Shaped Floats, And More

Beach holidays may currently feel like a thing of the past, but that’s not to say that we can’t be optimistically prepared for the ones to come. Or we could, at least, relive that beach holiday experience at the pristine beaches of Sentosa, maybe even at the hotel pool during a staycation.

Once you’ve been incepted with that enticing idea, Saint Laurent‘s latest beach essentials are hard to ignore. With leopard-print Havaianas flip-flops, heart-shaped pool floats, and a Saint Laurent-branded beach ball, these are the luxe items you’ll want next to you in between sips of tropical pina coladas.

Leopard Heart Float, USD105 ; Beach Ball, USD39 ; Skateboard ; Surfboard, USD5,500 ; Burnt Wood Surfboard, USD6,000

Part of the Saint Laurent Rive Droite line of lifestyle items, this one’s catered for summer livin’, which is why you’ll see beach balls, towels, floats, and surfboards featured in the collection. There’s a particular inclination towards leopard and zebra prints as well, with these animalistic designs on goods and apparel, while subtle Saint Laurent branding finds its space on the back of wooden skateboards and surfboards.

Checkered Heart Float, USD105 ; Palm Tree Heart Float, USD105 ; Musical Note Heart Float, USD105
Triangle / Tie Bottoms with 80s Zebra Print, USD360 / USD490 ; Zebra / Camouflage Print Shorts, USD545

On top of that, Havaianas and Saint Laurent have also collaborated for new flip-flop designs, either a leopard print or zebra print paired with black straps. Sexy, sleek and timeless, we can’t think of a better way to do summer.

Havaianas Leopard-Print / Zebra-Print Flip Flops, USD65


All items exclusively available at the Saint Laurent Rive Droite store in Paris, and online at