Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 — Full Specs and Pictures

Sep 1, 2020 10pm — When Samsung launched their first foldable smartphone — the Samsung Galaxy Fold — in 2019, it sold out almost immediately in many countries (like the UK), but its plastic coating was plagued with durability issues; plus, it also did not have the premium feel of a traditional glass screen. Early adopters and fans of the foldable form factor have been anticipating the improved version, and finally, the Galaxy Z Fold2 is here:

Straight to the point, Samsung claims that the screen is now sturdier. Instead of plastic, it’s made of Ultra Thin Glass (UTG) that has been moulded and tested for strength and durability.

Samsung removed notches and reduced the bezels by 27%, so the display is 12% larger than the original Fold (from 7.3″ to 7.6″). When opened, the user has one large squarish display, and this can be split into “two” screens, running more than one app at once, dragging and dropping between them.

The cover screen has also increased in size (from 4.6″ to 6.2″), although the form factor of the device remains the same as its predecessor.

The hinge is “hidden” and integrated into the overall design of the phone, while the folding experience will feel more stable and it will keep the phone unfolded at 180 degrees, without the danger of it folding back automatically by accident.

The Rear Triple Camera includes:
— (Ultra Wide) 12MP, 1.12µm, f2.2
— (Wide) 12MP, 1.8µm, Super Speed Dual Pixel AF, OIS, f1.8
— (Tele) 12MP, 1.0µm, f2.4

The Front camera: 10MP, 1.22µm, f2.2
The Cover camera: 10MP, 1.22µm, f2.2

With the foldable form factor and two screens, there are now new fun and convenient ways to take photos using the phone. In what Samsung calls “Flex mode”, you can sit the phone opened at an angle, and commence long exposure photos without needing a tripod. The same concept applies for Hyperlapse mode.

There’s also “Dual Preview” which allows simultaneous use of the main screen and cover screen, so the subject can see a preview of the picture while it’s being taken. This is useful when the photographer isn’t particularly skilled, and the subjects can direct themselves through the cover screen that is facing them.

Other camera features: the sensor is 1.65 times larger that the Galaxy Fold, and there are pro-grade camera modes (Single Take, Pro Video mode, Night Mode).

Mystic Bronze is this year’s special colour and it’s both understated and elegant. An advanced surface treatment called the haze finish brings out the metallic copper tones, and gives the phone a satin matte texture that I can imagine feels good in the hand and won’t attract fingerprints as easily as shinier counterparts. The colour extends to Samsung’s entire product range including its earphones, smart watch and tablet.

The phone also comes in black (called Mystic Black), and customers can choose the hinge colour — Metallic Red, Metallic Silver, Mystic Bronze, Metallic Gold or Metallic Blue.


Unfolded: 159.2 x 128.2 x 6.9~6.0mm
Folded: 159.2 x 68.0 x 16.8~13.8mm



One eSIM and one Nano SIM


4,500 mAh

LTE / 5G

The Galaxy Z Fold2 will be available in Mystic Black and Mystic Bronze From September 18, 2020, with pre-orders from September 9, 2020 (M1, Singtel and StarHub).
Customised options will be available for users on in select markets24 with four distinct colors for the hinge: Metallic Silver, Metallic Gold, Metallic Red and Metallic Blue.
recommended retail price of $2,888 (including GST).