Skin Inc’s Mask Liner Is Made For Those Worried About Maskne

Of the regular list of new words we add to our vocabulary, “maskne” has got to be one of the more prominent ones. A combination of the words, “mask” and “acne“, it’s less cool slang but a more efficient way to tell people about this growing skincare concern, probably here to stay too due to our new normal habit of having to wear face masks every time we’re stepping out of the house. We’ve talked about tips to prevent maskne, but how about an actual product that actively prevents the buildup of oil and bacteria? Enter, the Skin Inc Mask Liner.

It certainly looks like a face mask, but think of this as a supplement to the daily essential, an additional layer to be worn under your mask instead. This innovative product is first of all, hypoallergenic, and designed for comfort. The material’s a lightweight and soft non-woven fabric, so you know this isn’t going to rub up against your skin and further irritate its delicate barrier. Made from PP, though still very breathable, it also cleverly shapes itself to your facial contours when worn, ensuring even more comfort. In fact, tests have shown that the mask liners can prevent pressure marks on your face and reduce skin discomfort as well.

Another benefit is how the liner also acts as a shield between your skin and the humid environment created by your warm breath, while effectively absorbing and wicking away oil and sweat, which reduces the possibility of clogged pores. Skin Inc, also says that their new product “soothes and calms the skin from flare-ups and irritation”. By eliminating the main cause of breakouts and skin flare-ups, and keeping your skin comfortable, we’re optimistic about seeing improvement over time.

Sold in a box of 20, this is a single-use product that protects against undesirable breakouts caused by constant maskwear — both our skin and our sanity can now keep calm and carry on.


Skin Inc Mask Liner, $28 for a box of 20. Available online at