Superga Unveils Their First Organic Sneaker Collection Of Remade Classics

The decade of fashion sustainability is upon us, and it looks like footwear brand Superga is here for it too, with the launch of their first Organic Collection.

To be fair, the existing shoe styles, including the iconic 2750, are already plastic-free, and made with natural and recyclable materials of cotton, natural rubber and aluminium. However, the new sustainable approach is a remake of their classic silhouettes, taking into account further research and innovation, which considers  our planet’s use of resources.

The line debuts with two shoes — the Superga 2750 and the 2490 — where each sneaker’s upper is made with a blend of 60% organic cotton and 40% natural hemp. Eyelets and shoe laces are too constructed with organic cotton, which was sourced in Vietnam and meets internationally recognised organic farming standards. For the other parts of the shoe, its insoles are formed by a layer of lightweight natural cork, while the rubber that goes into that signature Superga rubber sole is sourced from the rubber tree forests of Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand.

We’re already used to our Supergas being everyday essentials — now, they can bring us further peace of mind. Here’s a look at the two debut styles:



The Superga Organic Collection launches on 16 October 2020 with the 2750 and 2490 styles, $129.90 each. At all Superga retail stores and online at ​Superga.