This Treatment Lifts And Tightens Your Face Without You Having To Go Under The Knife

While botulinum toxins and dermal fillers have gone quite mainstream these days, especially when you’re looking for quick facial enhancements, they may still seem quite daunting to first-timers. If you’re looking to counter the effects of ageing by improving your skin elasticity and achieving youthful-looking skin though, there are other non-invasive, non-surgical options. Take, for instance, Ultherapy®.

A globally popular aesthetic treatment, Ultherapy® works to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin naturally to lift and tighten skin — delivering natural-looking results without going under the knife, and with minimal to no downtime. Additionally, a distinct innovation sets Ultherapy® apart from other skin-lifting treatments — with its patented ultrasound visualization technology, certified doctors are able to directly see your skin layers in real-time, which makes the treatment safe, effective and precise. In other words, you can be assured that your doctor won’t be treating you “blindly”, which definitely helps put us at ease.

The great thing is, technology and modern aesthetic treatments such as Ultherapy® have de-tabooed invasive procedures, making the idea of it less risky and more accessible. If you’re still on the fence about the procedure though, read on as we answer some of the most commonly-asked questions.

What exactly is Ultherapy®?

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Otherwise known as the only U.S. FDA-cleared, non-invasive ultrasound skin-lifting treatment, Ultherapy® works to lift areas such as the neck, under-chin and brow, as well as improving the appearance of lines and wrinkles on the upper chest area. The clearance by the U.S. FDA is important as it means that Ultherapy® has been certified safe and effective for consumers and backed by numerous robust clinical trials.

As we age, our skin experiences a loss of firmness and elasticity, which re-emphasises why it’s imperative to boost our body’s own collagen and elastin production to retain that taut, bouncy skin, a defining trait of youthful-looking complexions. 

Unlike surgical face-lifts that involve going under the knife, Ultherapy® is able to non-invasively deliver microfocused ultrasound energy at the right depths and temperatures to stimulate the production of fresh, new collagen naturally. Compared to other skin lifting treatments, the procedure is also the only one that allows doctors to have direct visualisation of skin tissue layers in real time, which ensures a more precise and safer delivery of ultrasound energy.

Who is it for?

Some of the biggest tell-tale signs of ageing are a saggy jawline, obvious neck lines, or even a lowered brow and wrinkles forming on the chest. Whatever your concerns are when it comes to early skin sagging or skin laxity, Ultherapy® is the perfect solution for prevention and early intervention.

With that being said, it’s also great if you’re looking for more natural results that don’t involve any invasive treatments — which is great for beginners in aesthetics.

Is it uncomfortable?

As the treatment involves delivering focused ultrasound energy to generate heat within the deeper layers of your skin, the process may be slightly uncomfortable. However, this also boils down to your individual pain threshold and tolerance level, which can vary from patient to patient. In some cases, the patient might experience mild swelling for the first few days and even temporary bruising — but of course, it only lasts for a couple of days. On the brighter side of things, it’s a one-off treatment so you won’t have to keep coming back for a “touch-up”!

How long do the effects of each treatment last?

The effects of one treatment typically last for at least 12 to 18 months. Therefore, if you’re looking to maintain the results of your facelift, it’s recommended that you incorporate an annual Ultherapy® treatment in your skincare regimen.


The results from the Ultherapy® procedure are natural and dependent on your body’s own collagen production process. Some patients might notice some improvement immediately post-treatment, but these effects are transient. The real results usually become visible after 2 to 3 months as new collagen is produced and remodelled. The great thing about Ultherapy® is that it has minimal to no downtime, so you can return to your normal activities immediately after your procedure without any post-treatment restrictions or requirements.


More importantly, we stress that it’s important to find a clinic that’s certified to perform Ultherapy® treatments — you may visit a certified clinic here.

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