SkinCeuticals Opens Their Largest-Ever Department Store Counter At The BHG Beauty Hall

Here’s something we noticed about Singapore beauty consumers — they tend to be real savvy when it comes to skincare, and don’t mind doing the research for the most effective formulas. That’s probably what propelled SkinCeuticals, or what those in-the-know would casually refer to as “Skin C”, to popular knowledge. Touted as the #1 Medical Aesthetics Skincare Brand Worldwide, and the pioneers of Vitamin C serums, the brand was so exclusive, it used to be only sold at dermatologist and aesthetic clinics. Not anymore.

Now, astute consumers can head down to the brand’s latest counter at BHG Beauty Hall at Bugis, which also happens to be their largest-ever department store counter, in order to discover a whole range of innovative, digitalised experiences — futuristic VR / AR technology and a personalised skin consultation machine, included.



1. the Golden C E Wall — and an exclusive skin treatment

At the counter, you’ll be greeted by the sight of a Golden C E Wall, meant to celebrate the brand’s most famous product — the C E Ferulic, their flagship Vitamin C serum. On top of that, the counter will be debuting an exclusive skincare treatment, the SkinCeuticals Gold Standard Treatment, which uses their Pure Oxygen Infusion Machine, along with the C E Ferulic and an antioxidant-rich Vitamin C Masque. All this will take place in a 30-minute session behind a “Magic Glass” screen that’ll give you maximum privacy; you’ll soon be leaving with brighter, firmer and smoother skin.

2. AI robot assistant

Any futuristic counter has got to include some form of Artificial Intelligence right? That’s now a reality with the SkinCeuticals’ counter’s very own AI Robot Assistant, who’ll be ever-ready to assist you with product details, price checks, and can even conduct a mini tour of the premises. If you so choose, this friendly assistant will even recall the brand’s origin story, or tell you why SkinCeuticals are the leading authority on antioxidant skincare. Safe distancing, we got you.

3. VR and AR technology

Here, SkinCeuticals is, for the first time, launching two digitalised spaces that fully embrace both Virtual and Augmented Reality technology. First, a Lift and Learn Wall that will be activated the moment we physically pick up products in front of it; we’ll then be able to learn more about the benefits of each of the brand’s hero products. The second space involves an immersive Holographic Wall, that allows us to step into a 3D space with larger-than-life visuals. Head down to experience it for yourself.

4. skinscope — for personalised skin consultations

Being savvy customers, we’ll want to know exactly what works for our skin type and condition for the most suitable products. The brand completely understands this, which is why they’ve gone ahead to make personalisation even more accessible. Here’s where the patented SkinCeuticals SkinScope comes in — the machine uses a unique LED to assess your skin through both a simulated daylight mode for visible concerns, and a LED-UV light node for identifying concerns below the skin surface. Derma advisors will also be on hand to provide you with customised recommendations, specifically personalised to your skin needs, based on that quick and fuss-free assessment. The most amazing part? This service is complimentary to all customers at the BHG Bugis counter.


HERO PRODUCT OF THE MONTH: Discoloration Defense

Other than the iconic C E Ferulic, one product that’s been highly recommended is the Discoloration Defense, a powerful serum that corrects dark spots and is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of skin discolouration, from pigmentation to post-acne marks. The paraben-free formula expertly blends together 3% tranexamic acid, 1% kojic acid, 5% niacinamide, and 5% HEPES for a brighter complexion, and is particularly popular in our region thanks to its ability to even out skin tones. You can layer it with other SkinCeuticals serums to maximise all their benefits!


exclusive deals at bhg

From 15 October to 1 November, visitors to the new BHG Bugis counter will be able to enjoy various exclusive vouchers.

Additionally, all customers can enjoy the following limited-time opening promotions:

  • 1 x Hydrating B5 (15ml, worth $90) with minimum $300 spend
  • A 30-min Oxy Treatment (worth $109) with minimum $500 spend, for the first 30 customers only
  • 1 x SkinCeuticals Massager (worth $169) with minimum $700 spend
  • 1 x SkinCeuticals cushion (worth $59) with every purchase of the Discoloration Defense serum (30ml)



NYLON will be having 3 sets of the Skinceuticals Discoloration Defense, worth $159 each to give away!  To take part in our giveaway, just find this post on our Facebook wall, and “like and share” it between 16 – 19 October 2020. Good luck!

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