Take A Look At the diptyque Advent Calendar And Their Upcoming Holiday Collection

What is it about holiday season and advent calendars that has our hearts fluttering each time? Not so much with eager anticipation though, it’s more of an outrageous desire to want to own everything housed in those beautiful, decadent, collectible boxes, while counting down to what’s probably everyone’s favourite holiday, Christmas. If you’ve got a real-life Santa, or are perfectly capable and willing to treat yourself, then you might want to wish upon diptyque’s Advent Calendar.

Currently available for pre-order online at 350€, and available in local stores from 15 October, the Advent Calendar is pretty unexpected. By that, I mean it certainly lives up to our supremely high expectations of the perfume house, whether we’re talking about artistic flair, value-for-money exclusive, full-sized and miniature items, or dreamy illustrations on top of decadent packaging that’ll look great long after the festive season is over, this time done by Parisian artist Ugo Gattoni.

Featuring 25 items that you can slowly unveil across 25 unique days, you’ll find scented candles, as well as mini EDTs and EDPs of famous diptyque scents, including Do Son and Eau Capitale. You’ll also be able to find limited edition holiday 2020 — Moonlit Fir, and metal Christmas decorations that you can hang on your Christmas tree.

For those who won’t mind spoilers, here’s the full list:

  • Two limited edition 2020 diptyque creations: Moonlit Fir 70g candle and metal Christmas decorations.
  • A selection of 11 scented candles in 35g format: Tubéreuse, Figuier, Noisetier, Ambre, Mimosa, Musc, Feu de bois, Lys, Baies, Roses and Narguilé.
  • A selection of 7 Eaux de Toilette and Eaux de Parfum in 10ml format:
    • Eau de Toilette: Do Son, Eau des Sens, Philosykos and Tam Dao
    • Eau de Parfum: Eau Capitale, Eau de Minthé and Fleur de Peau
  • A selection of 2 Scented Gestures: L’Ombre dans l’Eau Shower Oil 15ml and Do Son Solid Perfume 3.6g.
  • A selection of 2 Art of Care essentials: Rich Body Cream 15ml and Exfoliating Body Scrub 15ml.
diptyque holiday 2020
diptyque’s Holiday 2020 limited edition scented candles.

As is the case for every diptyque Holiday drop, they’re also debuting three limited edition scented candles, created specially for the season, and featuring the same brilliant eye for aesthetics. Here, diptyque tells us of a wondrous Winter fairytale set in the heart of Paris, where the marble statues of the Lion, Swan, and Deer miraculously come to life, as the enchanted animals then traverse across a snowbound Paris. These three animals and their adventures, then form the inspiration behind the three scented candles: Floral Majesty, Amber Feather, and Moonlit Fir.


Floral Majesty imagines the powerful Lion discovering sleeping roses beneath the frost at Jardin des Tuilerie, and watching them unfurl with “joy, delight, and radiant energy”. Similarly, the scent consists of a bouquet of roses warmed with the spices of clove, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

For Amber Feather, we follow the elegant Swan’s flight, and its resting perch atop an amber resin in the middle of a white temple at the Garden of Parc des Buttes-Chaumont — the scent, then, softly brings together citrus notes and a warm amber accord, along with notes of cinnamon and ginger.

Finally, the swift Deer chances upon massive fir trees lit with tinsel and stars at the Places des Vosges, which gives us Moonlit Fir, an invigorating concoction of sparkling fir, and the glacial notes of eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint.

Elsewhere, you can also expect Carousel Sets and Lanterns that sit atop candles, which make for a bewitching sight as they gently rotate with the heat of the candle. A Do Son Perfumed Bracelet features the three enchanted animals in the shape of charms that dangle from the unique scented accessory, while for the first time, we’re also getting a 600g Roses Scented Candle housed in a hand-crafted ancient pink porcelain vessel that’s stamped with diptyque’s distinct oval.


diptyque Holiday Collection, local prices TBC. Advent Calendar, out 15 October, or available for pre-order online (350€). All other items, available end October at the diptyque boutique.