The Byredo Makeup Collection Is Out And Here’s How It Looks Like

Those who love Byredo would know the luxury Swedish beauty brand for its fragrances — housed in sleek, minimalist bottles, we certainly see the appeal of Mojave Ghost, Gypsy Water, and Slow Dance, all favourites for their understated draw. So you’d think a makeup collection by the brand would have that same quiet appeal. Well, prepare to be surprised.

Byredo has been teasing this launch for weeks now on their Instagram page, and we’re now finally getting a full look at the collection, out 1 October on their website and 15 October in Singapore. First impressions — ambitious, bold, and very un-minimalistic, especially when it comes to the makeup looks created here.

The makeup range is a collaboration between Byredo founder Ben Gorham and renowned makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench, and introduces lipsticks, multi-purpose colour sticks, a mascara, an eyeliner, and three eyeshadows. These are unconventional, or rather, fresh takes on traditional makeup, while made to give users unlimited freedom of self-expression.

“I do not want to tell people how to wear cosmetics, but to inspire them,” says Ffrench of the collection. “Our first products are simply sticks of colour — colours that are universally beautiful and to be worn in whichever way you like.”

Another distinct feature you’d notice would, of course, be how each makeup item looks like a sculptural piece, both vintage and futuristic at once, from that curvilinear lipstick or mascara packaging, to the organic raindrop shape of the eyeshadow compact. Beauty and form go hand in hand, after all. These little touches, right down to the shade names, are the core of Byredo — that evocative, emotional connection.

Which brings us to the products themselves. Colour Sticks, in 16 shades, are quite the key launch since this universal product is a multi-use stick that can be used across the lips, eyes, cheeks, and anywhere you want on your face. There’ll be a range of dewy, matte and shimmer textures as well.

For the eyes, a lash-defining Mascara in a striking red container, and a precise, long-wearing liquid Eyeliner that’s made for both bold and fine strokes.

Needless to say, we’re also fans of the Lipsticks and their dual-toned silver-gold metal casings, that snap shut with a satisfying magnetic click when you’re done. In 15 shades, the colours are rich and pigmented, whether it’s the classic matte of Red Armchair, to modern brown Worship Her and satin nude Earth Dust.

You can also look forward to three upcoming 5-Colour Eyeshadow compacts, which bring together intriguing, blendable shades in glamorous cases that recall the look of vintage cosmetics; these will be available in November.

Take a look at the Byredo Makeup collection here:



Byredo Makeup, $52 – $110, currently available at The collection will launch 15 October 2020 in Singapore, and will be exclusively available at the  Byredo Boutique at Takashimaya Shopping Centre.