The Razer x Pokémon Collection Of Wireless Earbuds And A Gaming Set-Up Is Now Available In Singapore

In yet another round of gotta catch ’em all, we’re applying that philosophy to a new series of tech products — Razer’s Pokémon-themed collection, which includes wireless earbuds as well as gaming set-up of a mechanical keyboard and mouse, all featuring the fan-favourite Pikachu. While previously launched in China in April, the homegrown gaming tech brand is ready to unleash the collection to hardcore Pokémon trainers in the Asia-Pacific region, available in Singapore from today at and authorised resellers.

Here are the three items available:

1. Razer|Pokémon – Hammerhead True Wireless Pikachu Limited Edition, $219.90

We’ve talked about the wireless earbuds before, and while the tech specs are superb, the first thing anybody can realistically notice has to be that Poké Ball charging box. What a brilliant way to store your device! Once you’re ready for battle, open it up to find the Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Earbuds nestled with in, where the limited edition design sports a sleek silhouette of Pikachu and his lightning bolt tail. The earbuds  come packed with excellent performance too, mostly due to the seamless, ultra-low-latency wireless audio so you get the most immersive sound experience.

2. Razer|Pokémon – Ornata Pikachu Limited Edition, $149.90

Are you truly a gamer without a mechanical keyboard? No lie, the joy of tapping the keys of a mechanical keyboard is unparalleled, and now, you can get a more electrifying experience with this bright yellow set-up. The Ornata Pikachu Limited Edition also has nice design touches that tie it back to the Pokémon franchise — both custom keycaps for the arrows keys, as well as a red-and-white Poké Ball that stands out on the top left corner. In fact, the Razer Ornata is on a class of its own, since it incorporates the company’s own Hybrid Mecha-Membrane Technology to make it a more comfortable evolution of mechanical keyboards, combining soft touch and that tactile click as you type.

3. Razer|Pokémon – DeathAdder Essential & Goliathus Pikachu Limited Edition Bundle, $79.90

Since, you know, Pikachu’s modelled after a mouse, it makes sense that Razer’s also introducing this lightning-speed creature on its popular DeathAdder Essential. Primed for quick attacks, the DeathAdder‘s award-winning technology and ergonomic shape will put you in an advantageous position during team battles (or even if you’re just working on an Excel spreadsheet), while the classic triple-head snake logo is now replaced with Pikachu’s lightning tail. It’s also paired with the Goliathus Pikachu, a micro-textured mouse mat that gives you speed, precision and control.


The Razer|Pokémon Collection, $79.90 to $219.90. Available in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong,  at and authorised resellers.