All The MUJI XMAS Things That Make You Want To Celebrate At Home

2020 is truly the year to spend the holidays at home; and Muji’s Christmas catalogue of gifts is everything we want to have a merry Christmas.

Above: Illustration for Muji titled, “Resident Festival”, inspired by an event in France called “La fete des voisins”. This is where neighbours come together on a special day to share moments and to encourage each other.

Visit Muji’s microsite that showcases all the specially curated Christmas gifts and sets, and then head over to Muji’s official stores on Shopee, eCapitamall and Amazon Singapore to shop. Here’s our round up of the most useful gifts to make spending Christmas at home a true delight!


A clean home is a happy home. While not everyone wants to receive cleaning tools as gifts for Christmas, these still make excellent buys for yourself. They’ll certainly make your life easier, plus they look good (for cleaning tools!).


Self care has never been more important; so treat yourself or your loved one to a calming scent, or a really good hair brush.


Here’s a Muji idea for a gift: why not try making cute bentos with Muji PP lunchboxes as gifts for neighbours.

Also new to Muji, is “My Bottle” — a lightweight, portable 330ml capacity water bottle. It’s also easy to wash and fits nicely in Muji’s Mini Sacosh! It retails at $2.90 and is available at selected Muji stores — Muji ION Orchard, Plaza Singapura, VivoCity and Tampines.


Home is really where the heart is, and when it comes to Muji, home looks pleasing and organised. No one will say no to the ubiquitous Muji Beads Sofa (always get a pair), or a new work desk and chair that will make the home space neat and functional.


With its clean aesthetics and classic designs, it’s easy to mix and match Muji apparel, which makes it a good gift for friends and family. Seasonal items are also up to 50% off, so now’s the best time to shop.

Also new this season, Muji introduces the Jute bag that is made from undyed hemp. It’s a multi-purpose eco-bag that can also be used as storage.

And to wrap things up, Muji has an adorable and useful Drawstring Gift Bag with Words. Choose your greeting illustration to express your feelings, and see your loved one’s face light up when you present this reusable bag filled with a precious gift.

For a list of Muji stores, visit
Check out Muji’s microsite for a special curation of gifts, and shop online at Shopee, eCapitamall and Amazon Singapore.