CASIO G-SHOCK Now Has Interchangeable Bezels And Bands!

Casio has just announced a G-SHOCK model, which comes with interchangeable bezels and bands. The G-SHOCK bezel is usually fixed to the case with screws; but in this new customisable design, it is secured by four small hooks made from carbon fibre. This is the first watch in the 5600 series to incorporate the Carbon Core Guard with a carbon fibre-reinforced case for shock resistance.

This watch model, DWE-5600CC, is released in the Circuit Board Camouflage Series design, which is a green resin bezel and band imprinted with the circuit board design used in the base model 5600 series watch. In the box, you’ll get a matte black resin bezel and a band imprinted with the numerals “3229” representing the module designation for the 5600 series, and an additional fabric band with a luminescent and reflective finish, imprinted with a circuit board design in black and white. Also, another super cool thing: when the user lifts off the bezel, the “SHOCK RESIST” logo is revealed and visible from the side of the case.

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Casio G-SHOCK DWE-5600CC Circuit Board Camouflage Series, $369, launching Friday 20 November 2020 at G-SHOCK stores.