Embrace Clean Beauty With Diane Bonheur’s Latest Blue Jasmine Haircare Series

Clean beauty might be a term that’s on your radar recently, and thankfully, the beauty world’s latest obsession is likely to stay, as consumers get increasingly more informed about what we put on our face, skin, and hair. We demand more from beauty brands, and rightfully so too —”clean beauty” usually refers to beauty products that contain no ‘nasties’, that is, they’re free of parabens, sulphates, silicones and harsh chemicals that may not be as gentle on our bodies as we’d like. And yet, we want products that work, to know that there are brands who put the utmost care into natural ingredients and formulas that are both good-for-us and effective.

With that, we’re glad that Diane Bonheur is leading the charge for haircare, as they introduce the latest Blue Jasmine variant to the Bonheur range — in fact, Blue Jasmine is now the No. 1 bestselling product among the range in Japan.

Diane Bonheur’s new Blue Jasmine range

Part of Japanese haircare brand Moist Diane, the premium Diane Bonheur line gives us artisanal craft shampoos and treatments, all infused with fine fragrances from Grasse, France — if you’re familiar with scents, that’s the world’s perfume capital, which is where luxury perfume houses, such as Chanel, harvest their blooms from as well. This time, we’re getting a delicate Blue Jasmine fragrance, which feels more refreshing than cloying on the nose, unlike most other jasmine scents we might be familiar with.

Diane Bonheur Blue Jasmine Shampoo (500ml) and Treatment (500ml), $22.90 each.

The new Blue Jasmine shampoo and treatment  is suited for those with fine hair, as it’s able to lift your tresses for admirable volume, leaving your hair airy and radiant. It’s also infused with both organic marula oil and prickly pear cactus oil to leave your hair hydrated, with a healthy-looking shine.

Diane Bonheur’s commitment to clean beauty

How are they committed to clean beauty, you ask? Everything in the Diane Bonheur range is formulated with over 98% natural ingredients, with no unnecessary harsh chemicals that may not be harmful to our hair, scalp, and the environment. To ensure you’re only getting the best for your hair, they also use single-origin, cold-pressed oils that are slowly and carefully extracted to retain their nourishing properties.

Since we’re talking about artisanal crafted shampoos here, these pay attention to three key aspects — the use of craft fragrances, craft oils, and craft soap. Here’s how the brand is committed to the clean beauty mantra:

— #1 Craft Fragrance: a transparent blue jasmine scent

First up, their dedication to fragrance. Admittedly, I tend to be rather swayed by how my hair smells after my shower when considering a new shampoo, and I have to say, this one smells divine. The jasmine fragrance is described as a “transparent fragrance”, which is how we know Diane Bonheur’s ahead of the curve in the perfumery world — the term refers to natural scents that seemingly grace the skin without feeling heavy, and here, the white floral scent feels light, refreshing, and radiant.

They’ve worked with top class perfumers to craft this exquisite scent, while the ingredients themselves are top-of-the-line: jasmine flowers from Grasse, France, are handpicked only when they’re in full bloom, in fields carefully cultivated for the best blooms. This is then blended with premium Frankincense and citrus notes for a balanced fragrance that feels light on the nose. As a clean beauty bonus, only natural extracts are used for their craft fragrance.

— #2 Craft Oils: certified organic and sustainably sourced

The brand takes their promise of ‘clean beauty’ even further, with a “farm to hair” philosophy, where they work with trusted farmers worldwide for certified organic produce, while practicing fair trade, and sustainable practices. Working with small farming communities ensures that the farmers are able to be paid fair wages, which help support their livelihoods, while organic farming methods take less of a toll on our environment compared to mass-produced harvests.

Here, they’ve used Organic Marula Oil, harvested from the “Tree of Life” rife in Namibia, Africa, selected for its rich oil content that’s able to hydrate dry hair. This is then infused together with Prickly Pear Oil, known for its high Vitamin E content and antioxidant benefits, while also helping retain moisture in our hair. This one’s harvested from the cacti growing in the Sahara Desert of Morocco, which only blooms once a year in July, and the oil’s so precious that 8 tonnes of fruit is needed to extract just 1 kg of the oil. All reserved for your precious hair, of course.

— #3 Craft Soap: formulated with 100% plant-derived cleansing ingredients

While conventional shampoos usually rely on surfactants and harsh sulphates to foam up, Diane Bonheur does away with this, since their shampoos do not contain silicones, sulphates, parabens, artificial colourants, mineral oils and animal-derived ingredients. These’s a reason for ‘clean beauty’ here too — our scalp’s actually the most absorbent part of our skin, so we ought to take care of it as much as we do our facial skin, subjecting it to haircare that’s gentle and nourishing as well.

Additionally, despite the lack of sulphates, the shampoos are still able to create a luxurious foam for a comfortable hair-washing experience. Most non-sulphate shampoos can often leave our hair with a squeaky-clean feeling that doesn’t do well during combing or hair drying; Diane Bonheur’s technology shines through though, with their unique formulas for more manageable hair. They’re made with 100% plant-derived cleansing ingredients, including babassu oil, olive oil, and argan oil, all lovingly blended together in Japan.

After trying the shampoo on my hair, I can attest to that fluffy lather. It’s very fine and lightweight, yet holds its own so it doesn’t immediately disappear upon contact. My hair felt cleansed and fresh, and I like that without silicones or sulphates, whatever small traces of leftover residue will not clog my scalp.

Discover the World of Diane Bonheur

If you’d like to know more about the making of Diane Bonheur’s craft shampoo and “farm to hair” philosophy, go ahead and click here for an Augmented Reality experience that takes you around the world — from the sunny fields of Grasse, France, the hot climes of Namibia, Africa, to the final port of call at Japan. You can even get a free sample of the Blue Jasmine shampoo and treatment after completing the tour!

Refill Packs!

Diane Bonheur has recently introduced Refill Packs for the three shampoos in their haircare range as well, so we’re able to reduce our packaging waste. After all that we’ve heard about the brand’s clean beauty practices, refill packs are also a move that’s aligned with Diane Bonheur’s commitment to sustainability.  Once you’re done with your current shampoo bottle, simply purchase these 400ml packs to top up the bottle that you’ve already been using. These are available in the following 3 ranges:

  • Grasse Rose — for damaged hair, revitalises dry and damaged hair caused by chemical treatments; has the heaviest texture.
  • Orange Flower — for frizzy hair, helps restore dry and dull hair.
  • Blue Jasmine — for fine hair, in the lightest texture, meant to give volume and hydration for airy and radiant locks!

With these, you can see how Diane Bonheur is a welcome clean beauty option in the haircare market — at accessible price points too, we might add — for the next time you’re switching up your hair routine to a clean, more natural one.


Diane Bonheur Blue Jasmine Shampoo and Treatment, at $22.90 (500ml) each. All other Shampoos and Treatments, at $22.90 each. Available at Watsons, Don Don Donki, Tokyu Hands, Welcia BHG, and online at the Official Stores on Shopee and Lazada.

Shampoo Refill Packs, at $16.90 (400ml) each, available at Watsons Online, Shopee and Lazada.