Getting My Face Injected For The First Time

Most people avoid getting injections unless it’s for necessary health reasons; and even fewer would have their face injected for an aesthetic treatment. This month for the first time ever, I got over my fear of sticking needles in my face (well, not really — we’ll get to that later), and was convinced to try an injectable treatment called “Perfect 10 Lift with Profhilo” by IDS Clinic.

Profhilo has been around for about five to six years (there’s apparently been a worldwide shortage of it because of its popularity), but in Singapore, it was first launched in November 2019. IDS started offering it in July this year after the Circuit Breaker, and has done more than 500 cases since.

What this treatment does, is that one syringe of stabilised hyaluronic acid is injected into the face at 10 points (five on each side), and over the next 10 months of it getting done, you’re supposed to get hydrated and smooth skin. It   also stimulates the production of collagen, elastin and adipocyte (fat) stem cells, so skin also becomes firmer, more lifted and tightened over time.

The downside of this treatment is that it’s an injection (10 of them), and of course besides the price of the service, the potential pain of getting injections is the main deterrence for people. I went in with a determined mind that I would get over my fear of any pain — after all, it’s just an injection (again, 10 of them), and I’ve had worse going through childbirth twice.

I had my treatment done by Dr Michelle Wong and she was extremely patient. She checked on me after every jab asking if I was alright. By the time she moved on to the second half of my face and was on her seventh injection, I told her to stop because I was about to faint. I won’t lie, the injections were painful (especially the ones on the cheek closer to the centre of the face), but the pain is bearable; it was the idea of the injections that made me light-headed and wanting to pass out and throw up. After about a seven-minute break and a few sips of cold water, I was over my fear and the doctor completed the final three spots.

It’s been two days since I’ve had this done and there has been no downtime for me at all. No swelling or bruising (but of course everyone reacts differently), and I notice a slight plumping of my skin — but not in a bad way. It’ll be at least another week till I see any real improvements, and another few months to experience the full results. In the meantime, I have another follow-up appointment set a month from now and I’m still deciding whether to go through with it (it’s two treatments a month apart). My heart says yes, but my mind is kinda saying no. I might almost faint again.

Above: The points on the face and neck where the injections for Profhilo are done.


IDS Perfect 10 Lift with PROFHILO, $2,000 before GST for 2 sessions, spaced a month apart. IDS is located at InternationAL BUILDING #02-02 AND NOVENA SPECIALIST CENTER #05-09.