Little Twin Stars x Kumoya’s Orchid Starry Dreamz Café Features Adorable IG-Worthy Themed Dishes

Having kicked off their Sanrio collaboration with Gudetama x Bad Badtz-Maru, Kumoya has refreshed their themed dining concept to welcome a brand new Sanrio pop-up experience starring the lovable Little Twin Stars!

Little Twin Stars x Kumoya’s Orchid Starry Dreamz Café.

Running for three months starting from 19 November 2020, Kumoya will be transformed into the Little Twin Stars x Kumoya — Orchid Starry Dreamz Pop-Up Café, celebrating Sanrio’s 60th anniversary and Little Twin Stars’ 45th with pastel-coloured decorations featuring the two twin stars — Kiki and Lala — as well as other characters from the world of Little Twin Stars.

The pop-up cafe features pastel coloured Little Twin Stars decorations.

Teaming up with their long-time collaborative partner Shirley Wong aka Little Miss Bento, the rather extensive menu features food items inspired by the adorable twins as well as their representative pastel colours. We paid a visit to the cafe ahead of opening day and here’s a look at what we tried.


Little Twin Stars Magic Starry Breakfast, $26.90.

Great as a brunch dish, the Little Twin Stars Magic Starry Breakfast ($26.90) features scrambled eggs with roasted Shiitake mushrooms, turkey bacon, and tamago, cheese and carrot stars, complete with fresh garden salad and two coloured star toast slices served with character butter. 

We particularly enjoyed this dish thanks to the well-flavoured mushrooms and generous portion of scrambled eggs. The star toasts were an added bonus too though the character butter was way too cute for us to spread on the toast, so we removed them and paired the toast with the other sides available instead.

LaLa Chicken Karaage with Beetroots Cream Sauce, $23.90.

Of the two cream sauce dishes available, we opted to try the LaLa Chicken Karaage with Beetroots Cream Sauce ($23.90) which featured chicken karaage drizzled with Teriyaki sauce (served in a separate bowl) alongside a Lala-inspired serving of pink beetroot cream sauce and rice that’s topped with pink cauliflower, and tamago, cheese and carrot stars.

For those who need their daily intake of rice, we recommend ordering either one of the cream sauce dishes to try. While the colour of the sauce may seem somewhat artificial, the visuals do not compromise on the taste of the dish. Despite the lack of ingredients in the sauce, we found the beetroot cream sauce complementary to the plain rice and actually preferred eating it on its own with the chicken as a separate side.


Kiki Fluffy Cloud Vanilla Frappe, $13.90.

Designed to look like the blue sky, the Kiki Fluffy Cloud Vanilla Frappe ($13.90) is pretty much like an ice blended vanilla flavoured drink which was thankfully not too sweet and is topped with a cotton candy cloud which you could separate from the cup though you might wanna prepare yourself for the sticky mess you’re about to encounter.

Lychee Yuzu Starry Galaxy Soda Drink, $13.90.

If there’s a drink you’ll have to order, it’s one of the magical colour changing Galaxy Soda Drinks. We tried the Lychee Yuzu Starry Galaxy Soda Drink ($13.90) which came in a bowl of dry ice to create the mist effect. The colour of the soda actually changes into a lighter purple when you add more soda into the glass. Both flavours complemented each other, starting off with the refreshing taste of lychee and rounding out the aftertaste with the citrusy yuzu.


Wish-Upon-A-Star Fluffy Chiffon Cake, $23.90.

Probably the most instagrammable dessert available, the Wish-Upon-A-Star Fluffy Chiffon Cake ($23.90) features a lychee chiffon cake with fresh cream and strawberry jam in the centre, served with a bowl of assorted fresh fruits and Hokkaido soft serve. 

Sitting on top of a Little Twin Stars bucket that holds dry ice for the mist effect, the dessert replicates a bit of DIY fun with a shot glass of multi-coloured pastel cake gel which you can pour on top of your chiffon cake. The cake itself wasn’t too sweet though the strawberry flavour had a tendency to overpower the lychee taste of the chiffon cake. Even though the cake seems good enough for one person to finish, the other components of the dessert make it easy to share with friends or family.

Moonlight Dreamz Parfait, $19.90.

Served with cotton candy, a cake cup, Hokkaido soft serve and a huge crescent moon butter cookie, the Moonlight Dreamz Parfait ($19.90) is a dessert perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Even though the dessert may come off overly sweet because of the cotton candy, the butter cookie, cake cup and soft serve definitely helped in balancing out the overall taste. We liked that the cake cup was a mix of variety too — offering us sponge cake cubes and granola instead of a whole piece of sponge cake.


Little Twin Stars merchandise available.

While you’re at the pop-up cafe, don’t forget to take a look at the exclusive Little Twin Stars merchandise available! They include character brick building sets, plushies, pouches, key rings, notebooks and mugs.



The Little Twin Stars x Kumoya — Orchid Starry Dreamz Pop-Up Café is located at Kumoya @ Jalan Klapa, 8 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199320. The cafe will be opened on Tuesdays to Sundays from 12pm to 9.30pm. 

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