Swatch Goes Big With The Big Bold Chrono And A Sustainable Series Of Bio-Reloaded Watches

Big on style and also the future of our planet Earth? You can’t go wrong with these latest Swatch watches — the Big Bold Chrono is a new take on the adventurous 47mm designs that are well-loved by both men and women, while we’re going green with a new series of Swatch classics and the iconic SISTEM51, now made with bio-sourced materials that still live ups to their assurance of “Swiss Made” quality.


Back with a beloved new iteration of the oversized 47mm BIG BOLD style, the BIG BOLD CHRONO now sees a chronograph function that should please watch enthusiasts, while still appealing to those who like its striking contrast colourways. Here, we get four colour variations of Checkpoint Black, Checkpoint Yellow, Checkpoint Blue, and Checkpoint Red.

This distinct series stands out even among the other BIG BOLD designs due to several noteworthy details. We’re able to enjoy a handy start/top function at the 2 o’clock mark, with the pusher done in a contrasting colour, a design choice that’s also highlighted on dial accents as well as the back of the straps.

On top of that, the new 3D sculpted bezel, and a bigger and more ergonomic crown, surround a dial that’s layered with a signature checker pattern, both matte and shiny at once, depending on how you look at it. The watch’s street style appeal is unparalleled, especially with its game-changing chrono face — whether for utility’s sake or as a stylistic choice.


Swatch BIG BOLD CHRONO, $216 each.


Swatch’s latest collection is both a throwback to the early 80s, and a nod to the future, one that recognises the importance of sustainability. It’s time these 1983 Swatch classics get an update too — this series brings back archival watch designs from the first-ever Swatch collection, though now made with bio-sourced materials and new technologies.

This one’s significant as, according to Swatch, it marks the first time a watchmaker has succeeded in replacing all conventional components with bio-sourced ones. The brand uses the seeds of castor plant for this feat, while still making sure the end results meet the “Swiss Made” quality that’s a standard for all their products. The packaging, too, is biodegradable, made with paperfoam that’s sourced from both potato and tapioca starch, and can either be recycled or composted at home.

As for the six models in the “1983 Collection”, these are familiar, minimalist models that feature bespoke typography created for the signage at the Swatch Headquarters in Switzerland.



Swatch “1983” Bio-Reloaded Watches, $104 each.


The famed SISTEM51 series of mechanical watches are also given a new green spin, now made with materials sourced directly from nature. You’ll appreciate that minimalist design first, of course, done in either black or navy with svelte lines replacing all numerals on the dial. Turn the watch over, however, and you’ll be greeted with a cheeky, colourful caseback design that repeats the phrases “Don’t Be Too Late’ and ‘Time Is What You Make Of It’. Definitely reminders of the brand’s fun-loving spirit.

What makes this even better is the engineering feat that Swatch has achieved — the watch features a groundbreaking mechanical movement whose assembly is fully automated, which astounded the watchmaking industry when it was first announced in 2013. Its name actually alludes to the mechanical movement, of 51 pieces held together by a single screw.

For us, the user, what that means is that the fully automatic 41mm watch doesn’t need a battery to function; every movement of our wrist sets the rotor in motion, winding the watch, and thus powering its time-telling prowess. Even after rest, this can go on for up to 90 hours. You’re looking at “Swiss Made” horological innovation and quality, for a fraction of luxury watch prices. The cherry on top, then, is that it’s now good for our planet too.

AM51 ; WAKTU51

Swatch SISTEM51 Bio-Reloaded, $223 each.


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