The Latest adidas x The Mandalorian Sneakers Collection Features 9 New Styles

adidas is back again with yet another sneaker line that appeals to Star Wars fans — though this time, aimed at those who enjoy the unique space-Western vibes of the TV series, The Mandalorian. Now that its second season is well on the way on Disney+, it’s time we got a new adidas Originals x Star Wars: The Mandalorian™ collection to mark the occasion, because well, this is the way.

You’ll be pleased that this one debuts 6 silhouettes across 9 new shoes that reference key characters, scenes, and artefacts in the show, including the affectionately-termed  “Baby Yoda”, or The Child.

NMD_R1 The Mandalorian Shoes, $200

Mando’s famous helmet makes an appearance on the NMD_R1 The Mandalorian Shoes, seen in two versions: either an adult-sized Core Black / Simple Brown / Silver Metallic, or a kids’ design of Brown / Pale Nude / Maroon. The main shoe also features a special heel tab with a helmet-inspired design and all-over armour print on the mesh upper.

Nizza Beskar Steel Shoes, $95 ; NMD_R1 The Mandalorian Shoes, $200 ; ZK 2K Boost Mudhorn Shoes, $200

Elsewhere, the Nizza Beskar Steel Shoes features a brown colour palette that celebrates the Armorer and the rare steel of Mandalorian tradition, whereas the shoes’ furry suede stripes and golden tongue label reference the shoulder guards and helmet of the Season 1 character. That iconic scene where Mando faces off with the powerful Mudhorn is also paid homage to in the ZK 2K Boost Mudhorn Shoes, of a light brown and pastel green colourway that reminds us of how both The Child and Mando worked together to defeat the beast.


Then, there are 4 new shoes that pay attention to The Mandalorian‘s breakout star, Baby Yoda, as well — because, how can we resist? High-top sneakers, in the form of the Top Ten The Child Shoes, both the adult and kids’ versions, see a cute The Child motif on the tongue tag; the former has a contemporary colourway of Bliss / Cream White / Linen Green that’ll look extra sleek with rolled-up jeans or joggers, while the latter sees more pastel tones of Cream White. Pale Nude / Glory Mint. Along with these, the NMD_R1 The Child Find Your Way Shoes also celebrates the cutest bounty this side of the galaxy.

For a silhouette you can’t go wrong with, go for The Child Superstar Shoes and its clean leather upper, now in a subtle Linen Green with Core Black stripes, feature a little symbol of Baby Yoda imprinted near the heel with the phrase, “The force is strong with this little one”. The tongue tag also has a label in Aurebesh that says “The Child, 50th Anniversary”, which marks the birth years of both The Child and the iconic Superstar sneakers.

Gazelle Darksaber Shoes, $140

Finally, there’s also the Gazelle Darksaber Shoes, a subdued design of black and silver that honours the rare black-bladed lightsaber, made famous in the Clone Wars, and with a recent resurgence in the Star Wars canon, thanks to Moff Gideon. The silver elements even glow in the dark, much like the mysterious weapon that will likely be quite central in upcoming storylines, spin-offs included.


adidas’ Star Wars: The Mandalorian™ collection, from  $140 – $200. Available online and at adidas Originals stores. 

Images, courtesy of adidas and Lucasfilm Ltd.