XOUXOU Launches A Fall/Winter Collection of New iPhone Mobile Necklaces

Since its global launch in 2016, XOUXOU has quickly become a well-known fashion-tech accessory brand for Apple iPhones, offering what they call “smartphone necklaces” to busy individuals looking for a hands-free experience.

XOUXOU’s Fall/Winter 2020 Collection. (Image courtesy of Nathini van der Meer/XOUXOU)

Every XOUXOU smartphone-chain consists of an individual mobile phone case attached to an adjustable cord that can be worn around the body, similar to that of a crossbody bag. In addition to a few technical improvements made to the design of the original 2019 Modular, XOUXOU’s Fall/Winter collection will also include five new colourways in Baby Blue, Chalk, Rusty Red, Sage and Taupe.

The new Modular 2.0 collection features a more durable phone case and a new lanyard variation. (Image courtesy of Nathini van der Meer/XOUXOU)

The new and improved 2.0 Modular series will feature a silicone mould that is reinforced with metal cord channels for more strength and durability, while the updated lanyard features a novel release buckle and rotatable trigger hook for more comfort and flexibility during use.

The lanyard is a new variation added to XOUXOU’s classic woven rope options and is said to be flat, wider and sportier than their slender ropes.

Here’s a closer look at the new XOUXOU Modular Collection for iPhones 7 and above.



XOUXOU’s full Modular 2.0 collection is priced from $95 in Baby Blue, Chalk, Rusty Red, Sage and Taupe. To get yours, click here

Banner image courtesy of Nathini van der Meer/XOUXOU.