Your Festive Guide To Lee Hwa Jewellery’s Christmas-Themed Diamond Collections

It’s time, once again, for the season of festivities and cheer — but see, this isn’t just any year. If there’s anything 2020 has taught us, it’s how dear our family and friends are, especially in times of uncertainty; safe-distancing rules aside, we ought to hold them closer than ever.  How apt, then, that homegrown jewellery brand Lee Hwa Jewellery acknowledges this, with the theme of their latest Christmas collection: Hope, Dazzle & Love. It speaks of carrying hope for a better future, while still cherishing the present and intentionally creating joyful moments with our loved ones.

The jewellery pieces this season are inspired by classic Christmas elements, such as the wreath, Christmas tree, angel, dove, and poinsettia, with many featuring the reputable brand’s signature diamonds. There’s also a Purple Gold series that the storied 50-year-old brand pioneered in 2000. Though seasonally-themed, the new pieces are done in sleek contemporary styles that make them undeniably timeless and versatile — you, or your loved one, will be wanting to wear them for the next 50 years, and more.

Ahead, you may take a look at their dazzling jewellery pieces that suit all types of budgets, sorted according to 5 types of personalities you might be getting a gift for.


Destinée — Dazzle Multi-Wear Earrings, from $1,788 ; Dazzle Necklace, from $1,788 ; Bejewelled Earrings, from $3,308 ; Jewel in the Crown Earrings, from $4,648.

Because they deserve perfection too. We don’t mean to say that your mom / significant other / friend’s a nag, but there’s a reason why they seem to obsess over every minute detail in their life: they care. Similarly, Lee Hwa Jewellery cares very much about elevating the Destinée diamond, with pieces perfect for contemporary women who enjoy the finest things in life.

Lee Hwa Jewellery pairs the Destinée diamond with intuitive designs that show off its outstanding brilliance. We’re talking a Christmas light-up on your ears, as the diamonds are suspended in a graceful cascading design, reminiscent of a Christmas tree, complete with a star on top. You may also opt to wear the Bejewelled multi-wear earrings, either as a simple stud on its own or with the accompanying circle of diamonds surrounding it, while we also appreciate the clean lines of the Faith pendants and earrings.

Destinée — Faith Pendant, from $1,528 ; Faith Earrings, from $1,598 ; Faith Ring, from $2,148 ; Infinia Earrings, from $2,038.

As for why the Destinée diamond is suited for those with exquisite taste, consider this: each diamond is crafted at a state-of-the-art facility where AMC’s Belgian Master Cutters take the “Ideal Cut” to the next level — they take five times longer to cut a Destinée than an average round brilliant diamond, in order to achieve that unparalleled proportion, symmetry and polish. You know they’ll be getting quality cut.


Forevermark Endlea™ Pendant, from $3,938 ; Forevermark Setting® Necklace ; Forevermark Arden Solitaire Ring ; Forevermark Halo Earrings, from $2,778.

Then, there are designs that you simply can’t go wrong with. This might be a friend who’s always effortlessly put together, someone with exceptional music taste, or just a person who likes all things minimalist. Each of the pieces featured here would cater to those with timeless, elegant style, especially whether we’re looking at clean, cool solitaire designs that show off the premium Forevermark diamond, which make up  less than 1% of the world’s natural diamonds — what better way to say you’ll always be there, right?


Purple Gold — Paola Necklace, from $2,128 (U.P. $4,258) ; Paola Multi-Wear Earrings, from $2,138 (U.P. $4,278) ; Paola Ring, from $1,208 (U.P. $2,418) ; Paola Bracelet, from $1,648 (U.P. $3,308) ; Paola Earrings, from $2,348 (U.P. $4,708) ; Paola Pendant, from $1,008 (U.P. $2,018).

For the fashionably bold, we can’t think of anything more innovative than this exclusive Lee Hwa Jewellery series. White and yellow gold can move aside — Purple Gold ought to be the prime sartorial choice for the queen who isn’t afraid to stand out. The regal hue composes of solid 19K gold, and is an industry-first created by the brand, a unique alloy that’s strong, yet soft enough to be shaped into lasting fine jewellery pieces.

Purple Gold — Tara Swing Star Pendant, from $998 (U.P. $1,998) ; Tara Swing Star Earrings, from $898 (U.P. $1,798) ; Solace Pendant, from $478 (U.P. $958) ; Solace Earrings, from $578 (U.P. $1,168).

This season, Purple Gold is played up in a diamond necklace, multi-wear drop earrings, bracelet, and ring inspired by the darling poinsettia, with petals that mimic the flower’s natural form. Also featured is a star-shaped Solace pendant that wraps around a solitaire diamond, and another Tara design that sees the precious diamond seemingly suspended in mid-air.


Ariana Pearl Multi-Wear Earrings, from $388 (U.P. $868) ; Ariana Pearl Pendant, from $148 (U.P. $338) ; Octagram Star Necklace, from $608 (U.P. $1,278) ; Ariana Pearl Earrings, from $398 (U.P. $908) ; Octagram Star Multi-Wear Earrings, from $448 (U.P. $938) ; Ariana Pearl Ring, from $268 (U.P. $648).

Their travel plans might be put on hold, but there’s no denying their constant thirst for adventure and enthusiasm for whatever situations comes their way. For the person who feels most grounded when they’re out exploring the world, treat them to some of these trendy designs that take on pearls, braided metal details, and a stunning octagram.

The association with travels may not be obvious, but we can see how this would fit a free spirit who’s always looking for an interesting twist in their aesthetic choices. As with plenty of other Lee Hwa Jewellery earrings, the Multi-Wear Earrings would especially delight them, since they can be worn as a solo stud, or with a detachable dangling piece. Perfect for work, play, and the next flight out.


TOP: Esme Twinkle Diamond Pendant, from $298 ; Angelique Twinkle Diamond Pendant, from $328 ; Avery Twinkle Diamond Pendant, from $378. BOTTOM: Jovie Twinkle Diamond Earrings, from $438 ; Jovie Twinkle Diamond Ear Stud, from $488 ; Jovie Twinkle Diamond Necklace, from $578.

Chances are, they love Christmas with a passion too. This one’s for the guiding star in your life and your personal cheerleader, the person who can’t help but radiate positivity and good vibes throughout every moment in their life, good or bad. Send a message of appreciation with diamonds encased within star, angel, dove and wreath motifs, so they can truly spread the Christmas cheer with some good luck charms by their side as well.

Here, the diamonds are held up by the tiniest of clasps so that look like they’re floating in the middle of the white gold or rose gold jewellery designs. A patented setting holds the diamond in the centre, so even the slightest movement of a heartbeat sets it in motion — how unbelievably intricate! The wreath earrings and pendants, in particular, look to be the most versatile pieces with those modern lines.


Paloma Swing Star Necklace, from $678 ; Paloma Swing Star Earrings, from $598 ; Amaris Swing Star Earrings, from $608 ; Amaris Swing Star Pendant, from $318.

You know the person who wishes upon a star, and truly means what they wished. Dreamy and idealistic, they always wish the best for and of people, and trust us when we say that the wholesome sentiment needs to be protected at all costs! For the true romantics, once you’re done telling them some assuring words of affirmation, they’d surely appreciate a gift as beautiful as their soul — here, the Swing Star series of diamond jewellery are more than appropriate.

Clasped on 4 prongs and suspended on its axis, the diamond here looks exactly like a twinkling star in the night sky, and features across necklaces, drop earrings and pendant. The unique design even allows the diamond to swing freely in a figure of 8, within an infinity loop, giving its wearer extra sparkle and shine, while bearing major significance too. Some of the newer designs also feature a loop design that recalls Christmas ornaments hanging off a tree or snug fireplace.


Cross Vivion Pendant, from $318 (U.P. $658) ; Cross Rae Pendant, $208 (U.P. $478) ; Gloria Bracelet, from $908 (U.P. $2,248) ; Inez Tennis Bracelet, from $2,438 (U.P. $5,418).

That reliable friend, family member, or partner you’ll always trust to have your back, and to support you in whatever situation comes your way. There’s something understated yet boundless about their love, and for this admirable person, we’d have to recommend pieces as reliable and understatedly glamorous as these — though that’s not to say that they’re underwhelming. Whether it’s a classic tennis bracelet studded with diamonds, or a modern cross pendant that serves as a daily reminder of their faith, these offer just the perfect classic vibes to delight any recipient.



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Majesta Pendant (worth $228), complimentary with a min. spend of $300 at the Lee Hwa Jewellery eBoutique, while stocks last.


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