NYLON’s Stay Home Xmas Gift Guide 2020

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas — and pandemic or not, we’re always in the mood for this cosy, festive holiday. 2020 ranks high on years we want to forget, but you know what, make it one to remember, both with good cheer and these gifts to appreciate your loved ones.

Whether they’re a Circuit Baker who has mastered the science of sourdough bread; the Homebody who’s been embracing the stay-home life, quarantine or not; or the Social Justice Warrior who’ll probably be offended at this blatant show of consumerism, we’ve trawled the Internet and our emails for this very worthy roundup of gifts. Go ahead, check out our GENERAL GIFT GUIDE.

We’re not forgetting all you lovely beauty junkies too, who’d love this year’s limited edition goodies, anything gold and glitter, or blockbuster skincare bundles that’s worth every penny. We’ve rounded up all the best holiday sets, right ahead in our BEAUTY GIFT GUIDE.

We’ll be updating this page as our gift guides come along — so bookmark this and keep hitting refresh daily!




For the person who keeps inviting people over. “Keep your distance” is more of a general guideline than a hard-and-fast rule. But you know, you still want to be in their good books because they’re always hosting the grandest home parties! See our gift guide for the extreme extrovert, here.


We should stay home whenever possible, but even before Circuit Breaker came into effect, we all had that one friend who loved nothing better than to stay home. These gifts will encourage all of us to be like that friend. See our gift guide for the inspiring introvert, here.


Remember when we were not allowed to go out during the Circuit Breaker, and then suddenly everyone became a jogger? Encourage your friend (and yourself) to workout from home instead with these exercise things. We have a feeling these will work out — who knows, they might be a HIIT. See our gift guide for the fitspo, here.


This is the friend who has moved to “Work From Home”. Who needs to go into an office when you can create the perfect setup in the comfort of your own bedroom? Whatever your thoughts on WFH, these gifts will make the situation a whole lot more enjoyable. See our gift guide for the hard worker who naps, here.


“Always stay home and play games,” scolded mom when we were younger. Now it’s encouraged. How the turns have tabled! Could 2020 be the best year to be a gamer? We think so. Here are gifts so you can stay home and hone your craft, whether it’s COD, League of Legends, or Animal Crossing. See our gift guide for the one who’s super sus, here.


During the Circuit Breaker, flour and chocolate chips were sold out, there were long queues outside Phoon Huat, and pictures of bread (always homemade) started appearing all over our social media newsfeed. These gifts are for that friend of yours who suddenly has a home baking business. Must be supportive. No fluffy gifts for this accomplished friend — time for you to rise to the occasion! See our gift guide for the batter person, here.


So many of us have moved to WFH and we have toddlers. These toddlers scream and shout and want our attention every working hour, and it’s tough — it’s really tough. Parents will accept any small amount of help, so check these out. See our gift guide for the one who really deserves a break, here.


Don’t argue with this person… even though you know their agenda is questionable. This one’s for the most #woke friend you know — yes, exactly the one who’d hashtag the word ‘woke’. After all, you don’t want to be cancelled. See our gift guide for the socially-conscious saint, here


We all have that friend who just gave birth during Circuit Breaker. She’ll appreciate any help that comes her way — especially things that are for the baby. This one’s for mom, dad, and baby. See our gift guide for the family who deserve the love, here.


Top of the weirdest trending phrases we’ve heard this year other than ‘WAP’ — SingapoRediscovers and Singapoliday. Give your utmost support as a proud Singaporean by exploring the tourist spots we often overlook in lieu of overseas locales — and by supporting local brands as much as you can. If you know a wide-eyed explorer or someone on a staycation spree, we know they’ll want to have these practical (or um, aspirational) gifts in tow. See our gift guide that satiates their wanderlust, here.




We’re talking the most limited-edition, exclusive beauty sets — both makeup and skincare items that are every collector’s dream. So what if you already have one of these bestselling products, are you truly able to resist how gorgeous the shiny new designs look? We’ll see. Scroll on to challenge yourself. See our gift guide for the collector, here.


With these mega beauty sets, we’re doing quite a blockbuster roundup of many, many skincare and makeup favourites. The stuff of dream beauty hauls, these are the most impressive gifts you’ll find this holiday season, based on the sheer magnitude of products offered — and you know what, buying in bulk means you might save quite a hefty sum too. Despite being value-for-money — which doesn’t necessarily mean “budget” here — expect these to be beautifully packaged for the season too. See our gift guide for the sure-to-be-hits beauty sets, here.


Ah 2020, the year where face masks have become the norm every time we step out of the house. You know how it is. Are lipsticks even worth it anymore? Same goes for any makeup below the nose, so it’s about time we started dressing up the “windows to the soul” instead — gotta pay attention to the eyes then. It’s not just palettes, palettes, and more palettes here. There are also beauty hauls for the brows, and ways to lift, lengthen and thicken your lashes too. Best to master that wink now. See our gift guide for mesmerising eyes, here.


Remember when we had our best skin ever during Circuit Breaker? We’ve got our hardworking skincare saviours to thank, that and how being stuck at home had us weaned off makeup while having more time to indulge in luxurious self-care rituals. Let your friend or loved one get that triumphant feeling back with these skincare sets, full of bestsellers and well-loved products that’ll care for their precious face. See our gift guide for the skincare junkie, here.


Christmas, glitter, and gold. No matter how topsy-turvy 2020 was, some things still ring true consistently year after year. Embrace the holiday cliché and enjoy the gilded beauty of these gold makeup and skincare products, wrapped in the most glamorous and exquisite packaging that’s fit for royalty — for the kings and queens in your life. See our gift guide for the gold mavens, here.


Meet 2020’s least desirable and most annoying skincare concern — maskne. No one wants it. The condition is almost inescapable and pops up at the worst of times after hours of your skin being subjected to the humid conditions under a face mask, which results in blemishes, acne breakouts, and rough skin that take a while to heal. Banish maskne once and for all with these holiday sets. See our gift guide for troubling times, here.


For the ones who want to look great and smell great this festive season. And who doesn’t? The keenest of noses will appreciate these luscious scents, some limited edition, and others, iconic ones wrapped up in delightful holiday packaging. We’ve also got home scents and candles to liven up any cosy abode. See our gift guide for the fragrance fiend, here.


Since we’ve been asked to stay home most of 2020, including leaving behind OL life and transitioning to a WFH situation,  “self-care” has taken on a whole new meaning. Carving out time for indulgence is a must to maintain a healthy state of mind, and apart from a robust skincare routine, head-to-toe care, scented baths, healthy habits, and time for self-reflection are just as important too if we can afford them. See our gift guide for the friend who deserves some care after working hard all year round — and hey, even yourself — here.


Little in size, but big on ambition. Don’t belittle these sets just because they may only contain small-sized versions of their famous counterparts — think of these as the perfect stocking stuffers, made up of holy grail beauty items that your friend will now be able to try and conveniently tout in their bag, to the gym, their next weekend getaway, and more. See our gift guide for the fun-sized, here.


Deck the hall with boughs of holly — and these holiday ornaments that do more than just look pretty. These festive baubles will no doubt add extra dashes of joy on your Christmas tree, since they also contain the most exciting mini versions of well-beloved beauty products that we can’t wait to get into the moment 25 December is over. If you’re looking for affordable last-minute gifts, or a fun game that lets your guests pick their favourite item off the tree, see our gift guide for the the best baubles, here.