A new PUMA X MICHAEL LAU collection featuring mismatched colour accents and pencil mark graphics

Above: Michael Lau wearing the RS-2K Michael Lau, $209

Puma teams up again with Hong Kong-based artist, Michael Lau for another collection of limited edition shoes, apparel and accessories; this time inspired by the creation of a product for a “SAMPLE” collection.



Lau was intrigued by the idea of exploring a concept as it begins from scratch to its final creation, and it’s this process of creating that he says is where the fun lies. “Mistakes” and “errors” are featured as designs and hand-drawn sketches on the pieces, and result in a playful and casual collection.

Above (clockwise from top left):
RS-2K Michael Lau, $209
hi-tops (unavailable in singapore)
Ralph Sampson 70 Michael Lau, $189
Mirage Mox Michael Lau, $199
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PUMA x Michael Lau, priced from $69 to $219, launching 1st february 2021 on PUMA.COM, PUMA SELECT The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and Limited Edition.