Cartier Les Nécessaires À Parfum — A New Luxurious Way To House Their Scents

Fragrances are more than just their scents. That’s not to belittle any of the work that goes into crafting them, since we do admire how the subtlest hint of amber can create a cosy base, or how spiciness lifts an unusual floral number. It’s just, the very bottle, or fancy flacon, that our perfume comes in and how it looks on our vanity table is of prime importance as well. You can say that Cartier’s latest Les Nécessaires À Parfum collection bears exactly this in mind.

These revive the grand tradition of vanity cases for your perfume, in six original and modern cases that store the maison’s fragrances in 30ml glass refills, which can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

Here, you’ll find geometric patterns or classic designs carved out of metal, including one that references the intense red found on Cartier jewellery boxes. Another case comes embellished with iconic Cartier symbols, such as the panther, butler, and jewellery case. In fact, think of them as jewellery for your scents — refined, artisanal pieces that command attention, whether in your pocket, bag, or as a decorative piece on your shelf.

From beams of gold and silver to a deep mashrabiya green, each intricate piece is done by hand in a meticulous process that includes over seven steps, from metal engraving, enamel decoration, and lacquering, to the final step of precise polishing.

As for the scents themselves, these are held inside the case by a magnetic mechanism that’s specially developed to facilitate fluidity. The Cartier Nécessaires à Parfum cases are also designed to last, with multiple refills that you can switch out after you’re done, or constantly change from one day to the next, depending on your mood.

At its debut, you may choose from 9 fragrances that include: the Baiser Volé, La Panthère, Déclaration, Pasha Edition Noire, Oud & Santal, L’Heure Mystérieuse, l’Heure Diaphane, Pur Kinkan, and Pur Magnolia.


Cartier Les Nécessaires à Parfum collection, price TBC. Available at Cartier boutiques from March 2021.