Casio launches a limited Fukubukuro “lucky bag” for $188, with items worth up to $709!

Fukubukuro is a “lucky bag” that is a Japanese New Year custom where stores create grab bags filled with unknown, surprise items, and these are sold at a substantial discount. Casio Singapore has just announced their own Fukubukuro to celebrate Chinese New Year 2021! The bags will be priced at $188 each, and will contain at least one Casio Timepiece (G-SHOCK, BABY-G or EDIFICE) and other G-SHOCK branded items with a total value of up to $709! If you’re truly lucky, you may find the limited edition G-SHOCK x PORTER or the best-selling GMW-B5000 in your bag. Expect the bags to be sold out pretty quickly.

Note that the Fukubukuro is non-refundable and cannot be exchanged. There are limited stocks available and each customer can only purchase one Fukubukuro.

The Fukubukuro will be available at all G-SHOCK stores and WWW.G-SHOCK.SG from 29 January 2021.