All Of This Year’s Limited Edition CNY Beauty Items That Celebrate The ‘Year Of The Ox’

Out with 2020 and in with the new year, we say, and it looks like all the beauty brands are eager to get on board with 2021, with the sheer amount of limited edition goodies they’ve got for the upcoming Lunar New Year. It’s the festive season (again), though now adorned with auspicious reds and golds, blooming florals to manifest hope, and plenty of bestselling items that celebrate our ‘Year of the Ox’, including ox-branded highlighters and toppers. We definitely need that lucky break y’all. And no cultural appropriation in sight too, thank goodness. Stay tuned to this space as we’ll be adding more makeup and skincare limited editions as they come.


[CLICK ON THE IMAGES to know more about each product.]


[CLICK ON THE IMAGES to know more about each product.]


All beauty items available at their respective brand stores, unless indicated.