Get The Look Of Feathery ‘Soap’ Brows And More With Anastasia Beverly Hills’ New Makeup

Never heard of ‘soap brows’? We’ll help you out. Basically, the beauty hack saw a social media resurgence a couple years back, and involves using bar soap as a holding agent for fluffy, natural brows — which is something we’ve been yearning since we saw it on pre-Emily in Paris Lily Collins. Now, Browhaus’ Brow Lamination treatment is a good solution that we tested out, but what if we want to create those full and feathery brows at home? I’m personally thanking Anastasia Soare, founder of beauty brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, affectionately known as ABH.

Their latest Spring 2021 collection features makeup with plenty of shine it seems, with one key theme — transparent, crystal-clear formulas. Even better, these are universal shades that will flatter every skin tone. There’s the exciting Brow Freeze styling wax to achieve the aforementioned feathery brows, as well as two clear lip glosses and an Iced Out Highlighter for a luminous sheen. Here’s a quick breakdown of all 4 items.

1. Brow Freeze, $38

For bold and long-lasting feathered brows, the Brow Freeze is where it’s at. This is a universal clear brow wax for all skin tones and brow colours, which holds your brows in place while lifting it as you brush through with your spoolie. For a more dramatic effect, you can even use the flat edge of your brush to flatten the hairs, which basically replicates the look you get with brow lamination.

Brow Freeze, $38

I’ve been testing this product out so far and love its holding power and the look I can achieve. Ever since brow lamination, which lasts just under a month, I’ve been meaning to recreate that feathery ‘soap brows’ effect that I loved so much while the treatment was at its prime. ABH’s Brow Freeze enabled that quite instantly from the convenience of my vanity table, a look that lasted all the way till I needed to wash off my makeup. The wax was smooth and buildable, and easy to brush through with a spoolie. A tip from Norvina, president of Anastasia Beverly Hills, is to keep the lid closed tight when not in use so the product doesn’t dry out.

2. Iced Out Highlighter, $55

The first thing that caught my eye with the Highlighter in Iced Out was the beautiful multi-dimensional shape it takes on inside the pan — which also mirrors the multi-dimensional look you can achieve with this illuminating powder. The custom press pattern serves a particular purpose too; it allows for the brush to pick up the perfect amount of product so you won’t experience any fallout. The finish is meant to be a luminescent glow, though the team also raved about how you can create anything from a fresh glow to a radiant liquid-like effect with this buildable formula. Once again, this is a universal shade as well.

Iced Out Highlighter, $55

3. Diamond Lip Gloss in “Honey Diamond” / Crystal Lip Gloss in “Glass”

Diamond Lip Gloss in “Honey Diamond”, $33
Crystal Lip Gloss in “Glass”, $33

Lip gloss has always been a controversial product, but you know what, new high-tech formulas mean that we can enjoy its lip plumping glory without the unsexy stickiness. ABH’s new formulas complement all skin tones and give you a glass-like shine. The Crystal Lip Gloss in “Glass” offers a shiny clear look, while the Diamond Lip Gloss in “Honey Diamond” adds on reflective golden sparkles — both with the intention of delivering long-lasting shine and fuller-looking lips. You can wear them solo or layered over your lipstick. As an added perk, they also come with rose gold packaging and nice fruity scents. These are available exclusively on Anastasia Beverly Hills’ official website.

Diamond Lip Gloss ($33) and Crystal Lip Gloss ($33)


Anastasia Beverly Hills’ Spring 2021 collection: Brow Freeze ($38) and Highlighter in ICED OUT ($55) are currently available at Sephora. 

The Diamond Lip Gloss ($33) and Crystal Lip Gloss ($33) are available for purchase only at Anastasia Beverly Hills’ official website.