ETUDE Partners Up With Hershey’s Kisses For Another Chocolate-Themed Makeup Collection

As the now-retro Aaron Carter song goes: I want candy. And if your notion of love, and the upcoming Valentine’s Day, is just as unabashedly sweet, then you’ll fall in love with this chocolate-inspired makeup collection. The limited edition ETUDE X HERSHEY’S KISSES collection features the familiar teardrop shape of Hershey’s bite-sized chocolates, now reinterpreted into delightful eyeshadow palettes, with soft whipped lip tints to match.

The new collaboration follows the smashing success of last year’s team-up, which gave us eyeshadow palettes modelled after Hershey’s chocolate bars. For even more kisses, chocolates, and love this year, the brands have put forth three ETUDE Play Colour Eyes Mini Kisses and three ETUDE Choco Mousse Tints, each  named after the three most popular types of chocolates: Dark, Milk, or Almond.

These ETUDE Play Colour Eyes Mini Kisses eye palettes are undeniably the star of the series, with a mix of matte and shimmer neutral eyeshadows encased in metallic packaging that resemble the Hershey’s Kisses chocolate we all love to hastily unwrap — yes, including that little tag at the top and those embossed shapes on the eyeshadow pans. The MILK palette is versatile enough on both warm and cool skin tones; the DARK palette does a take on neutrals with a romantic hint of rose; while the ALMOND palette is a swirl of golden and warm browns.

MILK — ETUDE Play Colour Eyes Mini Kisses, $32.90 ; HERSHEY’S KISSES Choco Mousse Tint, $17.90.
DARK  — ETUDE Play Colour Eyes Mini Kisses, $32.90 ; HERSHEY’S KISSES Choco Mousse Tint, $17.90.
ALMOND — ETUDE Play Colour Eyes Mini Kisses, $32.90 ; HERSHEY’S KISSES Choco Mousse Tint, $17.90.

You can then pucker up to the limited edition HERSHEY’S KISSES Choco Mousse Tint, which gives a soft just-kissed flush of colour with its lightly whipped texture. In warm-neutral shades and velvet-matte finishes, you can opt for a full lip, or the k-beauty technique of smudging the colour on with the tips of your fingers for a gradient look. Since these are tints, they’re made to last through your dinner date too.

See how the collection is imagined with the following sweet makeup looks:


As if things couldn’t get any better, ETUDE will also be having some exclusive promotions on their Shopee Official Store, from 3 February – 5 February 2021! Get the Shopee-exclusive ETUDE X HERSHEY’S KISSES MILK or ALMOND bundles at 50% off. Each bundle includes the Play Colour Eyes Hershey’s Kisses, Hershey’s Kisses Choco Mousse Tint, and a limited edition pouch and brush.


ETUDE X HERSHEY’S KISSES Limited Edition Collection, $17.90 – $32.90. Available at all ETUDE stores islandwide from 3 February 2021, and online on Shopee.