Pizza Hut Has A New Bubble Tea Pizza — Sounds Weird, But Does It Taste Good?

Singaporeans and bubble tea — that’s a legendary OTL pairing, right there. It seems like we’ll never tire of anything bubble tea, but with the amount of, frankly, unusual boba concoctions popping up every now and then, from hotpots to boba tarts, we’re starting to question our obsession. Right on trend, is Pizza Hut’s latest innovation: bubble tea pizza.

For a limited time now till 30 March, you’ll be able to order the Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza across Pizza Hut outlets and via home delivery, in Personal Pan, Regular, and Large sizes, starting from $11.80.

This blossom-shaped pizza combines both sweet and savoury flavours into one, and is topped with a sweet brown sugar milk tea sauce, bubble tea pearls, mini marshmallows, as well as mozzarella cheese. There’s also that popular cheese-stuffed crust to accompany every slice.


Now, our verdict. This one’s… not for everybody. I love bubble tea, but this time, Pizza Hut hasn’t managed to nail the sweet-savoury combination as they did in their durian pizza, another unusual concoction of theirs that I genuinely loved. This one was too sweet, and it has a weird sweetness that was jarring against savoury cheese, instead of complementing it.

A strong scent of brown sugar boba hits you when you open the box, which seems familiar enough for bubble tea fans, until you notice the slightly charred notes of baked cheese that would be more welcome in a different context. The good thing here is that they’ve used real boba, so you’ll get that pleasant aroma and chewiness, and I have to say, the amount of boba was pretty generously spread across the pizza too. What I didn’t quite get though was the mini marshmallows. Other than pretty pastel colours, I felt like these added nothing to the palate, and unfortunately made the pizza taste a little artificial. That said, I didn’t really notice this because I was too busy wrapping my head around the sweet-savoury clash. My favourite part was the fluffy, cheesy crust — but I don’t think that counts for much.

If you’re skeptical of weird food, this is a pass. But if you’re the kind who’s still curious after what I just said, go for it; it’s just my personal opinion after all. Plus, Pizza Hut is currently offering 50% off all pizza flavours when you order either two pizzas for delivery or one pizza for takeaway.


Pizza Hut’s Bubble Tea Blossom Pizza is available now till 30 March 2021 across 67 Pizza Hut outlets islandwide. Prices start from a Personal Pan ($11.80), Regular ($24.80 for dine-in, $29.20 for delivery), and Large ($33.30 for dine-in, $39.40 for delivery).

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