Review: Nike ZoomX Invincible Run — a grippy and stable run that puts a spring in your step

This month, Nike launches a brand new running silhouette aimed at reducing injuries. There are wider nets in the forefoot and a rocker geometry, that together, aim to create a more stable and grounded run, and better walk-to-run transition. A more responsive ZoomX foam is also built in to the midsole that claims to return more energy underfoot than any other Nike foam. There are two colourways for the women’s version: a black/pink, and a white/bright mango — both stylish and sleek, and will look good on and off the track.

Above: Nike zoomx invincible run in BLACK/PINK and WHITE/MANGO.

I took the ZoomX Invincible Run for a test drive on a treadmill and for some night running.


Trying on the shoe:

My first thought after slipping on the shoe is that it’s light (it weighs only 253g) and very cushy. The cushioning on the sides and back of the shoe feel soft and plush; while the footbed feels spongey.

Above: The generous cushioning on the sides and back of the shoe is plush and spongey.

My immediate next thought was, I couldn’t stand still; the curved sole kept me rocking in all directions, especially side to side. I assume that’s also why Nike designed the sole of this model significantly wider than other popular running shoe models — to provide additional stability because of the new rocker geometry. But it’s good to note that this “rockiness” became much less evident once I started running. As for the lacing system, it’s one of the best I’ve tried with a running shoe; the flat laces really lock the foot firmly down.

Running on a treadmill:

The bouncy and thick sole is fun to run with. Even while walking, it felt like there was a spring in my step! As my foot pushed forward on the treadmill, the wider front and upper ensured that my toes didn’t feel constricted in the shoe; particularly as my foot started to heat up and swell over the course of my run. Also, because of the wider front, there was more flexibility in my movements. The heel was also secure and the back of my foot never slipped out of the shoe.

Running outdoors:

Here’s where the shoe really shines; the thick sole protects and cushions the foot on all surfaces — road, gravel, grass and anything else I pounced on. But it’s not so thick that I couldn’t feel the ground. The rocker geometry also propels the foot forward, providing more “bounce” and little resistance while running. The sole was also extremely grippy, even on smoother pavements, which provided some peace of mind, in particular while running downhill.

Above: The grippy sole of the nike zoomx invincible run.

And the transition from walking to running and back again felt smooth and comfortable. All in all, this shoe provided a reliable and stable run out on the road, and didn’t feel hot at the end of my run.

Above: The Flyknit mesh upper is improved from previous running shoe models, and provides excellent breathability.

I’ve read reviews that because this shoe is so cushioned, it’s not the best for running fast. My jogging pace is slow and steady, so this works fine for me; but if you’re looking to sprint, this may not be the shoe you’re looking for. Also, at $259, it’s a pricey running shoe; more expensive than the ASICS Novablast, but comparable in price to the adidas Ultraboost. But you do get quality at this price; it’s an excellent shoe for cruising speed — light, comfortable, flexible, secure, and most notably, gives a fun “spring” to your step.

Nike ZoomX Invincible Run, $259, available on NIKE.COM and select retail outlets.