Why These Bodysuits Are Our Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials

You know that annoying feeling when your top’s bunching up under your skinny jeans, or worse still, dishevelled and loose? Way to kill the vibe, thanks. We all love the model-off-duty style of a tucked-in look, so the last thing you’ll want is a wardrobe malfunction, of things not doing what they’re supposed to do. Yeah, we certainly don’t need to relive 2020 again. Enter then, the bodysuit.

Part swimsuit, and part the neatest possibility of a top, the bodysuit’s essentially a one-piece garment meant for everyday wear, and is often fitted but flattering to your natural curves. You can’t go swimming in this, but at least your waistline won’t be swimming in fabric; my favourite thing about the bodysuit is that it remains taut when tucked into jeans or skirts.


These days, we’ve got loads of choices to choose from too. Necklines run from chic turtlenecks to plunging styles, edgy cut-outs to simple spaghetti strap and toga styles. You can even consider doing a Sandy (of Grease) with a cute off-shoulder number. Common fabrics include cotton, stretch-jersey, knit jersey, and even leather, designed for comfort since these sit close to the skin, though many top brands are now embracing technical fabrics that don’t compromise on function either.

Let’s also address the no. 1 question when it comes to these things — how does one go to the bathroom? Since bodysuits are meant to be fuss-free, you’ll be happy to know that they often include snap closures at the bottom, which can be unsnapped when needed. For the daily dilemma of undergarments, you can opt to go braless for better comfort; bodysuits are often not padded, though the material’s usually thick enough for light support, while you can go for nipple covers as well. Read on for some of our favourite up-and-coming labels that specialise in the art of the bodysuit.


With pleasingly minimalist styles, Annibody lives for well-made garments and freedom in comfort, while designing for women of different shapes and sizes too. The brand was founded in 2018 in Los Angeles though currently based in Hong Kong, and the only bad thing we’ll say is this — they’ve got such an extensive range of styles that we truly can’t decide on just one. Take our money, why don’t you? Even the Essential Collection alone, of functional bodysuits for layering, features classic styles we can’t wait to mix and match, whether these accentuate a sexy back, show off your shoulders, or are unbelievably unfussy — the t-shirt styles, for instance. Shades of olive and rose offer nice neutral alternatives to black and white too.

1. QUIN body – Black, HK$360 (SGD62)
2. LEO body – Olive, HK$280 (SGD48)
3. ANGEL body – Black, HK$580 (SGD100)


Alix NYC is undeniably chic — you can tell that from just looking at any one of their bodysuits, with admiration we suppose. Just like the typical New Yorker, theirs are of a subtle luxury; think quality stretch-jerseys and silks that feel comfortable against bare skin and essential styles, though with an understated edginess. These include a conservative mock neckline that reveals a dramatic open back, an asymmetrical neckline that shines both layered over and on its own, as well as “second-skin” plunging v-necks and cross-halters embraced by celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Solange Knowles. You’re in great company already.

1. Irving stretch-jersey thong bodysuit, $234
2. Stratton ribbed stretch-modal jersey thong bodysuit, $219
3. Bentley open-back stretch-jersey thong bodysuit, $227


A homegrown label launched late last year, we like that ALLY‘s series of bodysuits feel curated and fresh. They offer classic styles, yes, though these often come with considered design twists that make them statement pieces all on their own. The hand-sewn pieces are cut in flattering ways — the Alexa and Alita styles, for instance, are made with a body-shaping material that just lightly hugs your figure, and are double-layered so you can go bra-free. These also feature fun peek-a-boo details. As for Amber, the more daring piece comes fully padded and can be worn on its own over your favourite boyfriend jeans for a nice contrast.

1. Alexa Gapped Toga Bodysuit, $89
2. Amber Triangle Spaghetti Strap Bodysuit, $79
3. Alita Mid-Riff Bodysuit, $79


Kim Kardashian West. That enough for ya? The queen of American media and pop culture is famous for many things, one of which happens to be SKIMS, a shapewear and shape-enhancing underwear line meant to flatter, support and tone the modern women’s body. Its full range is now available on NET-A-PORTER. You’ll be able to sport the exact bodysuit that Kim K wore in her campaign shoot, the Seamless style that lifts your behind, sculpts your core, and supports your bust. Good to know: sizes range from XXS to 5XL too, while each garment is available in 9 shades, from Sand to Onyx.

1. Essential Crew Neck Thong bodysuit – Tiger’s Eye, $118
2. Seamless Sculpt Sculpting bodysuit – Onyx, $86
3. Seamless Sculpt Sculpting bodysuit, $86


The idea of going commando feels far more enticing with these picks from the US-based brand. Little persuasion is needed really. Their bodysuits look less like underwear, and more like luxe ready-to-wear tops anyway — a ‘Butter’ style is cut from stretch-Micro Modal jersey for a seamless fit, there’s a one-shoulder style of plush velvet, and another made of faux stretch-leather. The brand’s equally serious on their mission of sustainability too; nearly all the fabrics used in their intimates are Oeko Tex and REACH Certified, made using energy-efficient in-house factories right in USA. The garments are test-fitted on real women too, for a better sense of the sizing and proportions of each cut.

1. Faux stretch-leather and stretch-jersey bodysuit, $141
2. Butter stretch-Micro Modal jersey thong bodysuit, $155
3. One-shoulder velvet and stretch-jersey thong bodysuit, $120


Banner images: Alix NYC, Annibody, Ally.