PRISM+ Has A New Q-QE Series Of Smart 4K TVs With Even More Vibrant Visuals

Even though you might not be as familiar with the brand PRISM+, you might have seen the name popping up in your IG feeds every so often, courtesy of local influencers.

Local influencers with their PRISM+ TVs.

Since launching their range of Smart TVs, homegrown tech brand PRISM+ has been making a name for themselves in the local market as a more affordable alternative to the traditional brands.

Just late last year, PRISM+ made their debut into the market of 4K Smart TVs with their Q Series range powered by Android OS. Unlike their previous flagship E Series range, the Q Series is built with the Android OS to give you more access to other entertainment apps such as Disney+, Spotify and HBO Go, and stream them in 4K quality.

In an effort to keep up with the competition, PRISM+ has upgraded their Q series range this year to include the addition of Quantum Colour to provide you with a more enjoyable viewing experience.

An example of the upgraded colours in the new PRISM+ Q-QE TVs.

This upgrade comes a few months after their previous launch of the Q Series with 4K UHD for ultra-crisp and sharp visuals and adds the breakthrough Quantum Color backlight technology to ensure you get an unbeatable visual experience that will bring your favourite content to life with brighter colours that display vibrant and richer picture quality.

Dubbed the smartest Android TV range available under PRISM+ that won’t break the bank, here’s a look at other smart features that come with the Q-QE TVs.


Get access to 5,000 apps through the Google App Store.

At the core of the PRISM+ Q-QE Series Android TVs is the official Android TV 10 Operating System which has been developed and optimised by Google for TVs. This OS ensures that your new Android TV comes preloaded with Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime and is ever ready to stream compatible 4K content.

The OS also allows you access to over 5,000 compatible apps that include Spotify, Twitch, HBO GO, and Disney+ for download via the Google Play Store.


The PRISM+ Q-QE TVs also come with the Google Assistant feature.

Looking for an even easier way to browse channels on your TV? With the built-in Google Assistant on the PRISM+ Q-QE TV, you will be able to give verbal commands to your smart TV and have them perform specific functions such as changing the channels, cueing various apps to play videos, and interact with other smart home devices. 


With the Google Chromecast built-in, you can experience fuss-free casting from your smartphone to the TV.

The PRISM+ Android TVs all come with a built-in Google Chromecast which allows you to seamlessly pair with your smartphones and laptops to mirror their content onto the TV without losing output resolution or latency. 

This means that even if you are streaming half-way on your smartphone, you can opt to watch on the TV without worrying about having to restart the episode, or even lose visual quality in the process.


One-click button for quick access to your favourite apps.

Unlike the traditional remote controls which use infrared control, the PRISM+ Android TVs use a Bluetooth remote control for fuss-free navigation. Instead of having to aim your remote control at the TV for the signal to be read, you can now control your TV from any angle. 

The remote also comes with one-click buttons for quick access to Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and the Google Play Store.



The PRISM+ Q-QE Series are priced at:

📺 43-inch: $599

📺 55-inch: $769

📺 65-inch: $999

All three models are available to order with three years warranty via the official PRISM+ website here and their official store here on Lazada.

If you’re looking to find an even more affordable smart TV, you could consider the PRISM+ E-Series range of television models that start from $299.



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Images courtesy of PRISM+.