Why Everyone’s Talking About OSIM’s Latest Beauty Gadgets — Here’s Our Review Of All 4 Devices

No longer content with just great massage chairs, OSIM recently announced their foray into the world of beauty — with their new series of beauty devices. The OSIM uGlow series is a range of 4 beauty devices designed to enhance our skincare regime and give us better-looking skin. It includes a facial cleansing gadget for a more thorough cleanse, technology that boosts the effects of our toners and serums, as well as an eye massager and portable humidifier, all of which help to achieve healthy skin that’s well-hydrated and firm.

We recently did a run-through of all 4 devices in our article here. The beauty of this range is that the devices all work effortlessly with our existing skincare products — whether that’s a cleanser, toner, serum, eye cream, or moisturiser — in a way that takes care of every step of our skincare regime. And makes it better. This is, of course, done via next-generation technology that can be found in each device, whether that’s ensuring a more effective cleanse while also treating the skin with LED therapy, or enabling our skincare to go deeper into our skin by way of ion technology.

With that, we were excited to give the OSIM uGlow series a go. Read on for our full review of the range. We also hear from beauty influencers Soh Pei Shi, Rebecca Ten and Zoe Raymond Tan, and professional makeup artist Dollei Seah, on what they love about the series.



1 device, 4 benefits


A facial cleansing brush for a more effective cleanse. This has a GlowSonic Cleanse Technology that delivers 6,000 pulses per minute, along with LED light therapy capabilities, to either stimulate collagen, reduce inflammation, or result in brighter skin, depending on the colour you choose.

An experiment by OSIM showing how the uGlow Cleanse is thorough yet gentle on the skin — the yolk of the egg was fully intact! Full video here.
The uGlow Cleanse combines both a cleansing brush and LED light therapy.

Ever since Clarisonic and Foreo stepped into the scene, it has become quite the norm to own a facial cleansing device, at least among the beauty community. Rinsing with just our hands and fingers isn’t enough! For a more thorough cleanse that properly deals with makeup and impurities, it’s a lot better to use a beauty gadget. What differentiates OSIM’s device from the others too is that its combines both a cleansing brush and LED therapy — could this be the far superior device?

First off, I really liked the hygienic silicone material the OSIM uGlow Cleanse is made of, and am a fan of the brush-like shape too. This means that the device could be easily angled to reach certain hard-to-reach parts of the face while cleansing, such as the side of my nose, while the overall size of the device didn’t feel too overwhelming either. There are also two types of bristles — I used the finer ones on the majority of the face, but for the more oily t-zone area, I tilted the brush so that the thicker bristles could do a proper cleanse as well.

As for the cleanse itself, the device is activated instantly once you switch it on. I liked the user-friendliness of it — and this applies to the whole uGlow series too. Everything felt intuitive so I didn’t need to reach for the instruction manual at all and could use it straight away; for instance, to toggle between the different intensities, I just had to press the ‘On’ button again. The uGlow Cleanse primarily uses pulses to effectively cleanse, and while using it, this felt like a gentle and soothing massage. Once done, my skin was still clean and plump instead of feeling stripped. While I wouldn’t say that there was an immediately obvious difference, I know that with facial cleansing devices, it’s all about consistency — true enough, after over a week of use, I did notice that my skin had lesser potential blemishes, and was more balanced than before, especially along the t-zone.

Three LED therapy modes — red, to stimulate collagen for plump skin; blue, to reduce inflammation and kill acne-causing bacteria; and yellow, to reduce melanin production for brighter skin.

Additionally, and this is where it stands out among other similar devices, the uGlow Cleanse has a LED light therapy feature at the back of the brush. There are three modes you can choose from here: red, blue, or yellow, each targeting a specific skin need. This function is activated separately from the cleansing one, and can be used after so your skin can reap all the extra benefits. I think it’s a great value-added function to have if you’d like to achieve a spa-like experience at home.

OSIM uGlow Cleanse, now $129 (U.P. $169).


Detox and nourish your skin


A Galvanic facial device that harnesses Galvanic IonCare Technology to maximise the effects of our toners and serums. This is done via two programmes — a Cleanse Program that emits positive ions and micro-vibrations to draw out negatively-charged impurities embedded deep within our skin; and a Nourish Program that pushes skincare ingredients into deeper skin layers, to ensure that our serums are better absorbed.

For the Cleanse program, use a cotton pad and a toner for a deeper cleanse.

This time, we’re going skin-deep, which is actually deeper than you think. The OSIM uGlow IonCare has advanced technology that uses positive or negative ions to either draw out impurities or push skincare ingredients right into our skin — all this in a simple device that you can pair with your toners and serums. Honestly, this was so simple to use that I forgot that it even had such high-tech technology in the first place.

For the Cleanse program, I used a cotton pad and a toner to go over my face once again for a deeper cleanse. If you’re skeptical about metal on your skin in general, know that this doesn’t sting at all, and I quite enjoyed the gentle pulses. It helped to know that any tiny undetectable impurities would have been drawn out too, since the device emits positive ions to draw out negatively-charged impurities, which works like a skin detox.

After that, I used the Nourish program on my serum, placing the metal head directly on my face. The serum I used was more viscous, which ensured that the device could glide around smoothly while I moved it in a circular direction on various parts of my face. I also followed this up with the warming effect, which worked instantly to help the serum be better absorbed. Other than the multiple functions, another thing I liked about this is that the device only activated while placed on my skin, which made the device feel safer as well. Overall, I’d say this is a no-brainer way to enhance our skincare products; it’s really that simple to use, and not much of a hassle compared to if you were just using your hands.

OSIM uGlow IonCare, now $129 (U.P. $169).


enhance eye cream absorption


A soothing eye massager that boosts the effects of your eye cream. This targets our most major eye concerns: eye bags, wrinkles and fine lines, and dark eye circles; Sonic Vibration Technology delivers 8,000 pulses per minute, which promotes better absorption of our eye creams. On top of that, there’s also LED Light Therapy and a warming function.

To use, move the device from the inner corner of your eye to the upper corner of your eye, in an upward motion.

I know eye massagers aren’t the most groundbreaking products, but this was my favourite of the bunch! While most eye care devices use cooling metal to soothe and depuff the eye area, this one has a warming sensation that’s also able to soothe tired eyes, improve blood circulation, and promote the absorption of our eye creams. On top of that, there’s LED light therapy, and micro-vibrations of 8,000 pulses per minute, of 3 adjustable intensities. The great thing is that all three functions are activated at just the press of a button.

After putting on my eye cream, I switched on the device and ran the device in an upwards motion along my undereye area. It was very comfortable, particularly with that nice warming effect, and I felt like I was treating myself to an eye massage that I normally wouldn’t have bothered with. Plus, this wasn’t a complicated device we’re talking about — you literally just need to switch it on and let it do the work for you. I’ve been using the Red LED light which reduces fine lines, and have noticed that my undereye area has gotten more firm over time. The results speak for itself!

OSIM uGlow Eye, now $99 (U.P. $129).


for extra hydration


A portable facial humidifer that delivers a cool, fine mist for extra hydration, using ultrasonic mist technology. Use right after patting in your moisturiser to lock in its moisture and beneficial effects. It also doubles up as a portable charger that holds up to 2,000mAh, while you can also get a quick hydration boost on-the-go or use its mirror for a quick touch-up.

The uGlow Mist gives off a cool and very fine mist that locks in moisture.

I’ve read about facial humidifiers, but have never really tried one till now. The idea is that the humidifier works best in dry environments, say an air-conditioned room, and introduces moisture in the air to prevent our skin from drying out. In dry environment, the air actually draws moisture out of our skin. A humidifier is therefore useful to counteract that, making sure that moisture and our favourite moisturising creams stay within our skin instead.

Needless to say, I was excited to use this after patting on my moisturiser for the night. Unlike the typical facial steamers that use heat to open up your pores though, this one releases a cooling mist that further helped my skin retain the skincare product I just put on; it also made the experience extra soothing. I was most impressed by how fine the mist was! Instead of clouding my vision, or worse, getting random spritzes of water onto my face, this released a gentle, fine mist that gradually disappeared into the air. What I like to do is to hold up in front of my face for about a minute, before settling it down beside me and leave it running while I scrolled through my phone. This lasted about 15 minutes. The effects of this daily treatment might be more long-term, but I like how my skin felt the morning after — when paired with a good moisturiser, it seemed like my skin was more hydrated and less dried out, especially since it’s been subjected to long hours under the air-con.

I also liked the size of the uGlow Mist; it was small enough to not take up too much room on my bedside table, while I could easily carry it around with me. I haven’t really brought it out since I’m working from home, but I’ve tried moving this to my (home) desk where I could activate the device in the day for a quick perk-me-up. It is very portable though, and even stores 2,000 mAh of power in case your other devices ever need an emergency charging. Oh, and if air travel ever becomes a thing again, I’d probably bring this on board too.

OSIM uGlow Mist, now $49 (U.P. $69).


Soh Pei Shi, (Soh Pei Shi), Beauty Influencer

“What do you do for self-care? My favourite activity that really makes me feel good from within is to take ample time to pamper my skin, so I get to relax and unwind at the same time. Here, the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series helps to enhance our beauty routines & boost our confidence, inside and out. Also, check out the limited edition pouch in collaboration with our very own local artist, Zoee!”

Rebecca Ten, (@beccabeczten), Beauty Influencer

“There’s nothing like taking it slow and indulging in the beauty routine that feels just like a home spa! With OSIM’s latest uGlow Beauty Kit, you’re set with everything to get that glow from within. The uGlow Cleanse purifies your skin with 3 different light therapy settings, the uGlow IonCare uses positive and negative ions to cleanse and nourish the skin, the uGlow Eye promotes eye cream absorption and stimulates collagen, while the uGlow Mist is portable (and serves as a portable charger), and hydrates your skin on the go.”

Zoe Raymond Tan, (@zoeraymondtan), Beauty Influencer

“How many moms resonate with me that it’s hard to dedicate time to self care after having children? That is the very reason why OSIM curated the uGlow Beauty Series!  This set is a complete beauty set of uGlow Cleanse which comes with LED light therapy of red/blue/yellow light, uGlow IonCare for thorough cleansing of skin and better skincare absorption, uGlow Eye to combat those tired and fine lines, and uGlow Mist for a hydration boost — any time, any where!”

Dollei Seah (@dolleiseah), Professional Makeup Artist

“If I had to choose a favourite OSIM uGlow gadget, it would be the uGlow Cleanse. With 3 intensities, it’s suitable for all skin types, be it for those who were makeup or not. I always encourage double cleansing for those who wear sunblock and foundation, and this device has a deep cleansing effect. The LED lights behind the device also boost better skincare absorption, and benefit other skincare concerns too.

In my current work bag, I bring around the uGlow IonCare to prep and massage my client’s skin, and the uGlow Eye to massage their undereye area, temple, and laughing lines. The uGlow Mist comes in handy too to let clients check themselves in the mirror and hydrate their skin, and is very useful as a backup power bank!”

SPECIAL PROMO: International Women’s Day

Before we go on about our thoughts on the series though, OSIM has a perfectly-timed promotion deal for their uGlow series. In celebration of International Women’s Day, the full set of the OSIM uGlow Beauty Series will be available at $279 (U.P. $536).

On top of that, you’ll also be able to get your hands on a limited edition pouch designed by local artist Zoee, meant to echo the message of female empowerment. Each design element stands strong independently, yet works well all together to form a unified tapestry. Available from 1 March 2021, online and in stores, while stocks last.

Here are the full list of deals available:

OSIM uGlow DevicePromo Price
uGlow Cleanse$40 off uGlow Cleanse @ $129 (U.P. $169)
uGlow Eye$40 off uGlow Ion Care @ $129 (U.P. $169)
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Learn how to enhance your skincare routine with the 4-step OSIM uGlow Beauty Series from the brand’s trained Well-Being Advisors. Sign up here for a complimentary 15-minute uGlow Beauty Demonstration to receive a free Beauty Sponge, worth $19!


In celebration of International Women’s Day, the full OSIM uGlow Beauty Series will be available at a promo price of $279 (U.P. $536), with a free limited edition pouch, from now till 14 March 2021. Available islandwide at all OSIM stores and online at OSIM.com