Shopee Wet Market Offers Next-Day Delivery Of Fresh Produce Such As Seafood, Fruits & More

Since COVID hit, a lot of us have grown accustomed to shopping online. From clothing to electronics to beauty products and even groceries, we’ve mastered the art of adding things to our carts and conveniently making our transactions without leaving the house.

Understanding this new way of retail shopping, Shopee has decided to further elevate the way we shop with the creation of their all-new Shopee Wet Market. This platform aims to make shopping for ingredients hassle-free with its selection of locally and internationally sourced fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood from over 100 trusted sellers. 

Simply place your order before 2pm on weekdays and you’ll receive it fresh on your doorstep the next day — no more jostling with strangers and standing in line for the cashier!  

Here’s a look at what you can find at Shopee Wet Market.


From left to right:

1. GrocerKing Thai Baby Kailan, $1.50

2. SLH Small Fuji Apple, from $0.80 to $3.80

3. LHH Red Dragonfruit, $4.80

4. PasarTalk Fresh Groundnut Roots, $5.80

For more selection of Fruits & Vegetables, click here.


From left to right:

1. Fresh Chicken – Anxin Chicken (1.3kg to 1.5kg), from $2.10 to $14.49

2. Master Grocer’s Shabu Shabu, from $5.56 to $13.47

3. Tasty Food Affair Marbled Beef Striploin Steak (180g to 200g), $7.99

4. Yocorn Smoked Duck Chest Original and Black Pepper (5pcs/1kg), from $16.90 to $17.90

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From left to right:

1. Snow Treasures Wild Caught Cod Fish Steak (1kg), $50

2. Lian Huat Seafood Salmon Fillet (1pc at 250g to 300g), $12

3. Ah Hock’s Kelong Live Lobster, $85

4. Snow Treasures Wild Caught Japanese Scallops (1kg), $22

5. Seaco Wild Caught Lobster Tail (2pc at approx. 240g), $20.68

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From left to right:

1. Korean Mozzarella Cheese & Fish Sausage Corn Dog, $14.90

2. Tian Tian Mian Dian Assorted Flavour Dumplings (1kg), $8.90

3. Taurus Frozen Foods FreezePak Crispy Chicken Nuggets (1kg), $7.80

4. DoDo Frozen Crab Flavoured Stick (250g), $2.10

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For more information or to start browsing Shopee Wet Market, click here.

All images courtesy of Shopee.