LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza 2021 Celebrates Summer With Woven And Fruit-Inspired Bags

We’re still in Spring, whatever that means in a tropical country like ours, so is it really that out of place to officially declare our love for the LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza collection? This sun-kissed 2021 series packs a punch — a fruit punch, perhaps — based on the amount of watermelons, pineapples, and kiwis that we’re seeing across the bags and small leather goods. The idea of fresh summer days and escapism is, of course, inspired by Creative Director Jonathan Anderson’s summers on the island of Ibiza.

Alongside Armin Heinemann and Stuart Rudnick, who founded the island boutique in the 1970s, Anderson celebrates beachside dressing with relaxed tops, dresses, and trousers for both men and women, while bringing up cheerful archive prints of parrots, doves, and crocus flowers, which all embody the carefree spirit of the collection. “I’m after that vibrant zing of sunny Balearic effortlessness, channeled through uncomplicated pieces of clothing and accessories that are as easy to wear as they are craft-led, lit by the touch of the hand,” says Anderson.

Pochette Parrot bag in raffia and calfskin, $990 ; Anagram basket bag in iraca palm and calfskin, $1,150 ; Moon Shell bag in raffia and calfskin, $950.
Puzzle Bag — Fruits ; other small leather goods with the fruits theme.

What caught more of our attention though was the vast array of LOEWE bags and accessories in the collection. Canvas fisherman hats and google sunglasses fit right in with all the woven bag styles the Spanish luxury house is introducing this season, which also honour the craftsmanship of traditional artisans. Anagram baskets, for instance, are woven in Colombia by female artisans who are part of the Corporación Oficio y Arte NGO. Elsewhere, basket bags in raffia and palm leaf pay tribute to their craft heritage, while we also see bags paired with ruffles, tie-dye, or in the cutest moon shell shape.

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The LOEWE Paula’s Ibiza 2021 collection, available now at LOEWE stores.