Meet Jammy — a super portable MIDI guitar that’s good fun

Jammy is a MIDI guitar that is extremely portable; it can be taken apart into several smaller, portable pieces that can fit in a bag, and snaps together into a decent-sized guitar that you can rest on your leg or sling cross-body to play. What’s interesting is that the Jammy can be connected to any DAW to use as a MIDI controller to play any virtual instrument (like the piano, drums or sax). This provides a good option for guitarists who want to try their hand at music production, but are more comfortable with playing a guitar than a keyboard.

We got our hands on the Jammy for a review.


Above: The Jammy box.

Above: The Jammy looks really sleek in the box; the first thing you see is the fret board in two separate pieces.

Above: The two pieces snap together really easily and are secure. Also, it’s a full-sized fret board that feels good in the hand, with just the right amount of weight, and looks sleek and high quality.

Above: Here’s what it looks like assembled.

Above: This is the volume knob. also very sleek. We’re loving the aesthetics so far.

Above: There’s another layer of packing box below the fret board, and this houses the guitar body, strap and cable.

Above: Here’s the Jammy G assembled! It’s pretty fancy.

Assembling the entire Jammy G was incredibly easy. There are step-by-step video tutorials on Jammy’s website to bring us through the process, and these videos were clear and patient.

To listen to Jammy, we plugged in our Beats headphones using the audio cable; with this first edition of Jammy, Bluetooth connection to earphones isn’t supported yet, but they’re working on it.

Above: There’s a kickstand that allows you to rest the guitar comfortably angled on the leg. This just pushes back in when not in use.

Jammy is designed for both new and experienced guitar players, but of course it helps if you already know how to play a guitar — just pick up and go. The guitar connects to the Jammy app and there are two types of guitars you can select from: electric or acoustic. Both sound realistic and there are even effect pedals you can add on for different sounds.

Above: From the Jammy app on the iPhone — choice of instrument; clean electric or acoustic steel string guitar.

I’ve played guitar since I was 12, had my own band, and played for church for more than a decade, so yes, I’m quite a seasoned acoustic guitar player; which meant really changing my style of playing when jamming with the Jammy. There’s quite a long sustain on the strings, and you really have to hold the strings down precisely because they are very sensitive and will give you a different note that sounds like you did a bend — but I presume this may result in better practice for guitarists.

Back to the change in style while playing; since the Jammy neck is split into two halves, the strings don’t work the same as a regular guitar; it uses sensors instead to communicate from the strings your fingers are holding down, and the strings on the other end that you are plucking or strumming — meaning you won’t experience the same vibrations and response, and this takes some getting used to.

The Jammy’s a good instrument if you want to learn guitar in peace — anywhere, and without disturbing anyone with your unpractised sounds. It will also make a good gift for that friend who has a basic guitar and can’t afford a myriad of pedals. What most Jammy owners will appreciate as well, are the online resources for learning songs, practicing guitar skills, and since it’s all electronic and calibrated, the Jammy is always going to be in tune.

Above: There are even plectrums provided in the box!
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