Our Review Of The FOREO UFO 2, A 2-Minute Power-Masking Facial Device

Sheet masks are an undeniable part of our beauty routines, mostly because they offer that instant, miraculous effect of glowing skin. After all, those serum-soaked facial masks are able to deliver maximum benefits right into our skin. Our only gripe is this: who has a whole 20 minutes to spare? While we can’t deny how important a self-care routine is, we can also appreciate the convenience of a sheet mask that takes care of our skin in less than 1/4 the time. Enter this next-level beauty innovation: the UFO 2 by FOREO Sweden.

We’re talking spa-like facials you can recreate at home, all from a nifty device you can hold in the palm of your hands. The second and more advanced iteration of the original device by the Swedish beauty tech brand, the UFO 2 is such a time-saver that your entire masking routine is condensed into a 2-minute facial, while you’ll still be able to feel the same luxurious benefits of an intense sheet mask session. Sounds too good to be true? Read on for our review of this futuristic device.

HOW IT WORKS: Hyper-Infusion Technology

First, a little on the beauty gadget. With a circular shape reminiscent of a spacecraft, the UFO 2 is able to achieve so much, in so little time, mainly because of its Hyper-Infusion Technology. The facial device facilitates better absorption of serums and other skincare products into the deeper layers of the skin. It combines heating, cooling, and T-Sonic™ pulsations, which maximise the effectiveness of the actives in FOREO’s range of dedicated sheet masks, which fit perfectly over the device.

Here’s a rundown of the three features

  • Thermo-Therapy — A more advanced warming function preps the skin by opening its pores in order to enhances the skin’s absorption of skincare ingredients. The heat delivery system is now 5x faster than the UFO.
  • Cryo-Therapy — Unique to the UFO 2, this uses low temperatures to treat the skin. It refreshes, lifts and firms the skin, shrinks the appearance of pores, gets rid of puffiness, and also helps reduce inflammation.
  • T-Sonic™ Pulsations — The brand’s patented technology delivers sonic waves that gently massage the face and stimulate blood circulation, while enabling better absorption of products.

BONUS: LED Light Therapy

As a further incentive, the UFO 2 also features LED lights for targeted photofacials — and for the first time, the full spectrum of 8 LED lights is available here.

Depending on the colours, or wavelengths, of light, you can expect a whole range of benefits, whether it’s a collagen-stimulating and healing effects of red light, the soothing effects of yellow light, or the anti-inflammatory benefits of cyan. The 8 LED lights here include: purple, white, green, orange, blue, cyan, yellow, and red. You may find out more here. Each treatment is different for a particular mask, so it’s customised every time, while you can also save your favourite custom settings, up to 8 presets.

When combined, both the skincare infusion technology and LED therapy can give professional results equivalent to us visiting an aesthetic clinic. You can basically recreate the feeling, and effects, of a pampering, spa-like facial treatment session at home.

Another thing you need to know about is FOREO’s range of UFO Power Activated Masks. There are plenty of masks to choose from depending on your skin needs, but the latest Farm to Face collection deserves a mention. Natural ingredients from all over the world, such as Manuka Honey, Acai Berry, and Bulgarian Rose, take centrestage in this series, and as promised, the serum formulas come with lots of powerful nutrients that keep our skin replenished and naturally radiant. The serums are contained in 100% plant-based and biodegradable hydrocell masks that can be easily attached to the UFO 2, while each mask has a customised treatment you can access via the FOREO For You app.


Adele Chan, Editor-in-Chief

“I love beauty gadgets and was particularly excited to try this one out; mainly because it includes face masks, can warm and cool the skin, and has colour therapy. Also, I never have the time to go to a salon for beauty treatments, or to use leave-on sheets masks that take 20-30 minutes each time. So it’s wonderful that the treatments with UFO 2 take only 2 minutes!”


“To begin with, I was surprised how easy it was to use this. It connects instantly to the FOREO app on my iPhone, and when I go straight into treatments, I can swipe through and select the mask I want to use.”

“I particularly love the Glow Addict mask and would recommend it as the first thing to use in the morning. It brightens up the skin and transforms a dull, tired-looking complexion into an immediately healthy one! The mask is infused with natural pearl extract, niacinamide, and Vitamin E, and together, these active ingredients boost the skin’s radiance and give a hydrated and dewy look and feel. It’s a good “wake up” for the skin just before applying makeup.”

“I’ve also been using Call It a Night, which as its name implies, is a treatment you use at night before you sleep. It feels soothing and extremely hydrating on the skin, and after a week of using this every night, I could actually see a difference in my skin texture; it felt softer and smoother to the touch. This is a good mask to start with when you get a UFO 2, and it can easily replace your heavy sleep masks that feel goopy and thick on the skin. It’s a K-Beauty formula that includes ginseng (a natural anti-inflammatory and will calm red and puffy skin) and olive oil (an anti-bacterial that also moisturises and hydrates skin).

There are so many different treatment masks to choose from that you’ll never get tired of using this device. It’s a good long-term investment for better skin, and the ritual of using it is both fun and relaxing. I already have plans on getting one for a friend of mine who says she’s been suffering from maskne.”

Amelia Tan, Deputy Editor

“I’ve actually tried the first-generation UFO device, and on first glance, this one looks very similar, right down to the ergonomic, circular shape and hygienic silicone sides. I’m definitely used to the process of FOREO’s unique  mask treatment session though, from the heat therapy to the LED lights and T-Sonic™ pulsations. And while I had previously talked about not feeling the “intense hydration after a sheet mask”, I have to say, whatever they did to the UFO 2 has completely changed my mind. The skincare infusion technology has improved so that I was able to achieve the lasting, pampering effects of a 20-minute sheet mask session!”

“So here’s how the procedure goes. I’ve been trying the Manuka Honey mask, in which the app prompts me to sweep the device over my face in gentle, circular motions. This is followed by a warming sensation that’s emitted from the device, along with T-Sonic™ pulsations that help with skincare absorption. It didn’t feel intense since everything was introduced rather gradually, and felt relaxing actually following the movements of the model on the app.

I also noticed how there was a customised red, then orange LED introduced at various parts of the treatment — orange light is meant to revitalise the skin for a radiant glow, which I realise paired perfectly with the hydrating, nutrient-rich, and radiant benefits of the Manuka Honey mask. This contains actual Manuka honey from New Zealand and smells like sweet honey too, which was a pleasant surprise.

What I like to do after each treatment is to also select the ‘cool’ function under the temperature settings. This unlocks a mini cryo-therapy session which locks in the nutrients and makes my skin feel instantly more supple.”

“The results were more incredible than before too. The combination of the Manuka Honey mask and the UFO 2 made my skin instantly plump and refreshed, an effect which lasted over 8 hours. While I’d say that the sheet mask did make my skin feel slightly sticky after the treatment, the serum was absorbed in about 5 minutes. And the long-lasting results more than made up for that slight inconvenience. Whether I used it at night, or in the day when I happen to be working from home, my skin was pampered to that lasting plump-from-within feeling that didn’t dry out one bit, and was practically glowing.

With how time-saving this is, coupled with the flexibility of no-brainer specialised treatments and DIY customised treatments you can tweak on your own, I’d consider the UFO 2 to be quite a game-changing device that’s worth the investment, since you’re able to get professional-grade skincare sessions at your convenience. I’m looking to incorporate it more regularly in my routine — something I definitely won’t be lazy about since this one literally takes less than 2 minutes of my precious time.”

Jasmine Ong, Writer

“Like every female I know, I too enjoy applying a mask every now and then, as a little personal treat to end the night with. Instead of worrying about dozing off past the duration of my sheet mask, the UFO 2 device has made application both easier and shorter, and the best part is its ability to ensure my skin retains the nutrients from the mask. My skin felt hydrated as if it has undergone the typical sheet mask process which was surprisingly effective for a 90+ seconds routine. Another bonus to using the device is the pairing with the FOREO app for control over the T-Sonic™ pulsations and temperature to create my preferred mask treatment!”

“Since I’ve been having dry and irritated skin due to the weather, I used the Acai Berry mask with the UFO 2 to help soothe and hydrate my skin. Though I had expected to see results over a period of time, I was pleasantly surprised to not only feel smoother skin but also see that the once strikingly visible red blotches on my cheek are now looking less angry than before.”


ufo 2 BY FOREO SWEDEN, $428. AVAILABLE AT FOREO.COm. also available at sephora, lazada and tangs.