Review: All the cocktails to try at Rails — a Steampunk bar and lounge at Tanjong Pagar

Above: Rails console, which was planned for live djs.

Rails was slated to open early 2020, but had to delay their plans because of COVID and the Circuit Breaker. What was once planned as a dance club has now turned into a cocktail bar with tasty greasy food that complements the drinks well. But what really sets the place apart is its steampunk decor. It resembles the insides of a train — almost like a tunnel, but with cogs and wheels adorning the walls and hanging from the ceiling. The mood isn’t sombre though; it’s a good setting for drinks with friends and colleagues after work, where the dim lighting makes everyone’s skin look good.

Above: Rails bar, which now takes centrestage.

Above: bartender at rails

We tried some of the bar’s signature cocktails and these are the ones to order:

Murder On The Orient Express
Absinthe, coffee liqueur, activated charcoal, pear, pineapple juice, fresh orange juice 

Above: Murder on the Orient Express, $25

Not everyone will like the taste of this drink; the flavour of the activated charcoal comes out quite strong, but it grows on you and this might actually become your favourite drink of the night. The finish is very nice; it has a deliciously creamy texture, but it is a strong drink — I imagine because of the Absinthe. This is a good cocktail to start off with and to help you relax. I would recommended it for stressed colleagues.

Cognac, Amaro, Pei PA Koa

Above: Apothecary, $24

Apothecary is interesting and actually a good idea to try at home. This is definitely for Pei Pa Koa fans, and is almost like a minty hit that wakes you up instantly. There’s a hint of sweetness, and just like the herbal remedy, it’s soothing for the throat. As expected, it goes down easy, while the flavour of Pei PA Koa lingers in the mouth.

Midsummer Dystopia
Smoked vodka, pisco, pear liqueur, pear falernum, lemon juice, umami Bitters

Above: Midsummer Dystopia, $25

I love that this comes with a very tasty smoked pear that I devoured quickly. This is a fruity drink and most similar to another drink on the menu called El Chepe. The taste of pear comes through the cocktail nicely, although a friend described it as, “it tastes like my favourite Fisherman’s Friend”.

Steamed & Hammered
Molasses rum, sweet vermouth, elderflower liqueur, umami Bitters

Above: Steamed & Hammered, $25

A strong drink but very smooth; a nice bittersweet finish to the night when you think you’ve had enough, but want something to close your palate.

Chix Hot Chicken Soul Slider

Above: Chix Hot Chicken Soul Slider, $8.90

If you feel peckish, this chicken slider is a must-order; it’s crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and you can choose the level of heat that you fancy. Most importantly, it’s very tasty and satisfying.

Rails is located at 21 Tanjong Pagar Road, #01-02. Tel 87256789. Find them online at RAILSCLUB.SG.