Review: ClickAFood, a pastel-themed café with islandwide delivery

Above: Clickafood interior (photo courtesy caf).

At the corner of a row of shophouses along Upper Paya Lebar Road, a new cafe with a rather odd name (ClickAFood) takes over what used to be Saturday House. Unlike the location’s previous occupant, this new venue doesn’t serve alcohol (yet?), but instead offers a mix of cuisines (eg. Thai, Korean and Western food) with familiar dishes. Before I go any further, I have to say that it was a pleasant surprise to find almost everything on the menu done pretty well; it’s not often a kitchen can be successful without specialising, but CAF has done it, and because I intend to visit them again, I sincerely hope they keep it up.

Above: Clickafood interior (photo courtesy caf).

Back to the strange choice of cafe name; ClickAFood (CAF for short) was designed as a delivery kitchen, hence the idea of clicking online to order food; but since they opened their doors in December last year, they’ve had a steady stream of customers dining in — and taking photos for their Instagram. I suppose I should mention that the cafe is owned by singer-songwriter, Hong Junyang; so cross your fingers that he’ll be in when you visit.

Above: Clickafood interior (photo courtesy caf).

There’s a proper coffee bar that gets their beans from Chye Seng Huat, and their latte is done to near perfection. The coffee looks good, is flavourful and is robust. I will order this every time I come by CAF.

Above: Clickafood latte. coffee done right.

The cafe highly recommends two drinks on their menu: the Mango Coconut and “Junyang’s favourite” Red Bean Lover. Since I’m not a lover of red bean, I went for the Mango Coconut and it was excellent; refreshing, a perfect blend of — you guessed it — pieces of nata de coco, mango puree, and topped with flavourful coconut milk. It tastes like a dessert but made nicely into a drink.

Above: house specialty mango coconut ($5.50).

The first dish we tried was the Nasi Lemak and it’s done very well. The rice is pang and blue in colour (because it’s dyed with blue pea flower), and comes with two pieces of tasty crispy chicken wings. There are limited portions of the Nasi Lemak daily, so order early if you are craving it.

Above: 168 Nasi lemak ($8.90).

Next on the tasting menu is the Crab Meat Omelette Fried Rice. This was my least favourite dish out of everything here, but it still tasted good. It’s a special off-the-menu item, so you have to make a special request to the staff for it. The rice has a lovely wok hei, and as you can see, they are extremely generous with the egg. It gets a bit jelat after a few mouthfuls so this would make a good  dish to share.

Above: Crab meat omelette fried rice ($10.90).

Here we have a comforting stew. This is a homestyle Korean soy braised chicken, teamed with chunky potatoes, onions, carrots, dried chilli, and thick, chewy sweet potato noodles. It’s hearty and satisfying; a must-eat at CAF!

Above: korean andong jjimdak ($19.90), serves two. a mini version ($9.90) is also available and is good for one person.

For fans of Pad Thai, go for the Prawn Pad Thai or this Pad Thai “Bomb”, which is a chicken version with a large egg omelette on top. The glass noodles have the right QQ chewy texture, and the right flavour for this famous dish. I dare say CAF does the Pad Thai better than many dedicated Thai restaurants in Singapore. Try it yourself and let me know if I’m wrong.

Above: pad thai “bomb” ($12.90).

This burger was a nice surprise. It’s a massive golden battered dory fish fillet sandwiched between a buttered bun, and matched perfectly with homemade tartar sauce and a slice of Colby cheese. Basically fish and chips but made into a burger. The kids would love this one.

Above: Nemo burger ($9.90). Top up $2.90 for the shoestring fries.

And here’s the dish that I imagine people are dining in for — the iconic Korean Army Stew. This soup base is a specially brewed duo-stock of beef and chicken, with imported Korean gochujang paste, soy sauce and chilli powder. You can dial down the spice level so the kids can dig in too! Ingredients include chicken hotdogs, tofu, kimchi, Korean fishcake, baked beans, rice cakes, assorted vegetables and ramyeon.

Above: Seoul Army Stew ($19.90), serves two.

ClickAFood offers islandwide delivery. Find them on GrabFood, FoodPanda, Deliveroo and Oddle. There’s also free delivery with a minimum spend of $88 within 8km of the cafe on iMakan and via WhatsApp at 87647544.

Clickafood is located at 339 Upper Paya Lebar Road, tel 69705077. Opening hours: 11am to 9pm daily.