Swatch Introduces Their First-Ever Bioceramic Watch, Starting With The BIG BOLD

Every new wave of sustainable fashion ought to be celebrated, but Swatch‘s latest foray isn’t just another recycled plastic something — they’ve invented a whole new material. Introducing their latest innovation, BIOCERAMIC, a material that’s a mix of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic, which debuts on five new variations of the BIG BOLD watch.

After the first line of bio-sourced plastic Swatch watches launched September last year, this one continues towards that sustainable approach by introducing a material that’s made of two-thirds ceramic, alongside bio-sourced plastic derived from the seeds of the castor plant. BIOCERAMIC is also the second addition to SWATCH NEXT, which looks at developing a new generation of Swatch materials.

The brilliant thing is that this feat achieves the advantages of both materials — ceramic, usually associated with luxury timepieces, is much more durable, sturdy, and less fragile than before, while the new material also has a soft, powdery touch that feels extra smooth and refined. There’s no change to Swatch’s manufacturing process too, so they’re able to retain the same production facilities and methods, all while nailing the “Swiss Made” precision that’s a standard for their watches.

Swatch BIG BOLD BIOCERAMIC — in black, grey, white, blue, pink.

Swatch’s first foray into their BIOCERAMIC journey takes place on a popular silhouette, the BIG BOLD, in a 47mm diameter case that’s available in five colours — classic black and white, followed by pastel shades in the form of a  “colour of the year” grey, an optimistic sky-blue, and a light pink.

You’ll also notice a transparent watch face that the brand says is a deliberate choice; it reveals the fine mechanical movement of the timepiece, while also showing off the sharp, precise edges of the BIOCERAMIC material. The bracelet, glass and loops are made from bio-sourced plastic.

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We hear that brighter pops of colours will be introduced later in the year, while all key Swatch product lines will further explore the use of BIOCERAMIC by the end of 2021.


Swatch BIG BOLD BIOCERAMIC watch, $194, in 5 colours. Available from 15 April at Swatch stores and online from 20 April at