All 4 Colours Of The ACUVUE® Define® Fresh Contact Lenses — Featuring Tasha Low

Coloured contact lenses have come a long way since they were a trend in the early 00s, yes, back when we were still begging our parents to let us wear them to prom. And we get it — if you’re changing up your hair colour and experimenting with new styles anyway, coloured contact lenses are just part of the get-up, all while giving dimension to our typical dark brown Asian eyes. Our only gripe? How artificial these looked sometimes, especially those vibrant blues and greens under bright sunlight.

Clearly, things have changed. If you’re looking to accentuate your eyes, even as we’re all masked up in this new normal, consider the latest ACUVUE® Define® Fresh collection of coloured beauty contact lenses, which come in four playful colours inspired by nature — Fresh Honey, Fresh Rose, Fresh Grayzel and Fresh Blue. These are designed to look as natural as possible, so you’ll be tempted to put them on daily, and importantly, protect your eyes and keep them safe too.

ACUVUE® Define® Fresh collection.
ACUVUE® Define® Fresh collection — Fresh Honey, Fresh Rose, Fresh Grayzel and Fresh Blue.

As you can see in the above close-ups, each of the contact lenses in the ACUVUE® Define® Fresh series features unique hand-drawn patterns made to highlight your choice of hue, which then naturally blend into the iris when worn. This is further supported by having three layers of translucent colour, which do the work of subtly brightening the eyes without covering up your natural beauty.

Then, there’s also the brand’s commitment to eye health. How safe are coloured contact lenses? As the leading beauty contact lens series in Singapore, ACUVUE® Define® has prioritised utmost safety and comfort, and is the number one choice for Singapore Optometrists. A proprietary Beauty Wrapped In Comfort™ Technology³, ensures that the coloured pigments in the contact lenses are completely enclosed and do not come in direct contact with the eye. Class 2 UV Protection can also be found in the contact lens, and helps shield your eyes from harmful UV rays.

Behind-the-scenes: Tasha puts on the Fresh Blue contact lenses.

To best see how they look when worn, we turned to Tasha Low, Singaporean singer and actress, and former member of K-pop girl group SKarf. The artiste, who currently stars in Mediacorp Channel 8’s television series Mind Jumper, is photographed here wearing all four variants of ACUVUE®’s new beauty contact lenses, across styles that go from sweet and romantic, to sporty, casual, and edgy.


WHAT It IS: fresh honey highlights, complemented with an amber blending layer, and fresh chocolate limbal ring.

With the most subtle shades of the bunch, Fresh Honey is a set of warm-toned contact lenses that give a radiant, brightening effect to the eyes. Warm honey and amber highlights ought to contrast nicely against a base of brown or black, while our interpretation of the look is a fun, casual one that consists of bright athleisure wear. Good to know: ACUVUE®’s contact lenses are also made to feel as comfortable as possible. They’ve achieved this with Lacreon® Technology², which provides a cushion of moisture in the eyes so you’ll feel less irritation, and exceptional comfort for up to 20 hours.


what it is: Blush rose highlights, complemented with a deep rose blending layer, and chestnut limbal ring.

Think cherry blossoms and roses, and you’ll instantly get the vibe of Fresh Rose, a romantic hue that brings to mind Spring’s freshness in alluring blush tones. Pair this with pastel shades of lavender, mint, and dusty rose pink for your OOTDs, or consider dipping into the lighter range of your berry eyeshadow palettes to further accentuate the soft hues. “I think they’re very comfortable,” says Tasha of the contact lenses. “I’ve tried wearing them for shoots before, and even after 8 hours, they were still very moist and didn’t feel dry at all.”


what it is: Light slate gray highlights, complemented with a caramel blending layer, and slate gray limbal ring.

The word “grayzel” is as unique as the colour of the contact lens it represents — here, smokey light and slate grey tones blend with caramel-brown for a look that draws you in. Why do we love it? It perfectly complements hazel eyes without being dramatically different, so you’re getting a natural-looking, cool-toned look that we think pairs well with edgier ‘fits and darker tones. Of the colours in the series, Tasha also has this to say: “At first I was quite skeptical because I thought coloured contact lenses would look artificial. But after putting them on, they’re actually very natural, and hey, I can even pass these off as my natural eye colour.”


What it is: Icy sky-blue highlights, complemented with a stormy sky-blue blending layer, light charcoal grey limbal ring.

We’ve come to the most vibrant look so far, Fresh Blue, which gives the most contrast to dark-toned eyes, thanks to the combination of sky-blue and grey. Then again, this isn’t the over-the-top look of the past; the hints of charcoal manage to tone down icy spears of blue, while sheer layers help to blend the look together, letting your natural eye colour come through. The overall effect’s a style more subtle than you’d think, though with enough cool hues and boldness for you to stand out. In fact, this one’s quite unexpectedly Tasha’s favourite colour too. “I tried it on and it looks very nice! If you want to go for different looks and styles, contact lenses play quite a big part in that. I’m definitely more open to using them for my photoshoots to play up different concepts,” she says.

Before purchasing a set, you may also try on the ACUVUE® Define® Fresh contact lenses virtually through the DEFINE® Virtual Mirror, which allows us to explore a wide array of makeup looks to see which best complements the contact lens variant you have in mind.


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model, TASHA LOW.
shot on location at CAF CLICKAFOOD, 339 Upper Paya Lebar Road.