First look at the gorgeous DOLCE&GABBANA Beauty Boutique at ION Orchard

If you’re a big believer of the more-is-more aesthetic, you’ve come to the right place. DOLCE&GABBANA Beauty’s first-ever boutique in Singapore has landed right along the lucrative stretch of beauty stores at ION Orchard, and manages to stand out with its maximalist prints and Italian house codes that adorn the cosy space — complete with a life-sized cactus that greets you at the door.

The 92 sqm flagship store is also home to plenty of their makeup and fragrances, and marks the first time fans here will get to discover the luxury house’s line of makeup. The Make Up Collection include blushes, bronzers, and powders, as well as highly-pigmented lip colours, that are dressed in opulent baroque art, sensual lace, or bold animal print, as an ode to the design codes of the fashion house.

Here are some of our highlights we noticed when we visited the store, and why this beauty boutique isn’t just an ordinary experience.

1. The store is designed to fully immerse customers into the Dolce&Gabbana Beauty’s universe.

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty boutique.

Themed ‘La Casa’, you’ll notice that every inch of the store is decked out in exquisite details that echo the brand’s defining aesthetic — they they’re now found on wallpaper, chairs, and on the back panels of wooden consoles for a lived-in look. From the Italian-style vetrinettas, to armchairs and even a marble fireplace, these recreate the experience of a home, one that’s welcoming enough for us to want to stay and savour the makeup, or take extra whiffs of their mesmerising fragrances. A vanity table and neon lettering also keeps the vibe fresh and youthful.

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty boutique.

2. You get to discover their Make Up Collection, a first in Singapore. 

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty Make Up Collection — placed on cake stands, as part of the La Casa theme. 

You’ll feel like a queen — not just because of the fabulous packaging, but the luxurious and high-impact formulas that pack as much as they look. At the boutique, the bestselling items are arranged on cake stands as part of the La Casa theme, which look particularly inviting as you’re drawn to items such as the Solar Glow Illuminating Powder Duo, a blush-highlighter compact that offers the softest radiance and glow.

Some of our favourites include the Felineyes series, where an eyeshadow palette and eyeliner are wrapped in leopard prints, as well as the one and only The Only One Luminous Colour Lipstick, an intense silky formula with silicone-coated pigments that gives that gorgeous satin colour in one stroke — we know because we witnessed this for ourselves. Available in 32 shades, you even get to pick your favourite lipstick case, from fashion-inspired motifs of gold, lace, damasco, or leopard print. See more of our favourite makeup items here.

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty Make Up Collection.

3. It’s home to the exquisite Velvet fragrance collection.

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty Velvet fragrance collection.

The Dolce&Gabbana Beauty boutique also offers the exclusive fragrance lines, including a fresh and playful trio of eaux de toilettes, simply called the Fruit Collection. Of Zesty Lemon, Sweet Orange and Exotic Pineapple, each fragrance in the collection is focused on a singular fruit, while the collection
perfectly captures the effervescent vitality of a Mediterranean orchard in full bloom.

For the ultimate luxe experience though, take a seat on one of the armchairs by the ‘fireplace’ to marvel at the brand’s Velvet Collection, a line of 16 premium EDP fragrances that distills rare, precious ingredients into distinct scents, which often spotlight a certain ingredient or mood. Velvet Mughetto is a refreshingly green take on the floral Lily of the Valley; Velvet Vetiver is a stunning refined scent; while Sicily is a unique floral woody musk scent that embodies an elegant Italian woman.

Dolce&Gabbana Beauty Velvet Collection ; Sicily.
Dolce&Gabbana Beauty Fruit Collection of fragrances. 

Before you head down to the store at ION Orchard, here are some bestselling items, as well as our favourite picks, that you’ll have to know about. Click on the images below to learn more about each product.


The Dolce&Gabbana Beauty boutique is located at 2 orchard turn, ION Orchard #B2-44/46, tel 8399 9743.