lululemon’s Earth Dye Collection Is All For Tie-Dye Made With Upcycled Plant Waste

If you haven’t already noticed, and we’re sure you did, the tie-dye trend has been having a moment lately, where the 60s psychedelic print is no longer just associated with peace-loving hippies — hipsters, Gen Z, and millennials alike have been unafraid to sport it across t-shirts and other casual attire, which is why lululemon’s latest launch makes so much sense.

The activewear brand has launched a limited-edition Earth Dye collection of comfortable, easy atheleisure attire, with one major difference. To achieve the unique dyeing effect, they’ve opted for sustainable dyes that are upcycled from the waste of oranges, beets, and saw palmetto trees sourced from agricultural and herbal industries.

As you can see here, the colours on the tank tops, hoodies, leggings, and shorts in the collection are of muted, earthy tones, while we’re told that the tie-dye effect is unique to every garment. The decision of using upcycled plant waste is also a deliberate one for the brand — the zero-waste dyeing method uses less water, carbon, and synthetic chemicals compared to conventional synthetic dyes. This aligns well with lululemon’s goal of reducing their carbon footprint by opting for sustainable solutions, which includes using recycled polyester and FSC® certified rubber materials in their recent collections. 

See the full collection here.

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The lululemon Earth Dye Collection, from $72, with select colourways available at lululemon stores and online at